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How to Convert Bootable USB to an ISO image

How to Convert Bootable USB to an ISO image

Have you ever wanted to backup or restore you USB drive? well is pretty easy with the right tool, we will use USB Image Tool to complete this task.

We are running Windows 10 creators Update but it should work with other versions of Windows

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  1. Great info. Thanks

  2. thanks dood

  3. omg… no program in this world for copy a bootable pendrive usb to an image .ISO directly???? really?

  4. thank you so much sir, u saved my day 🙂

  5. Nice video..now, is there any way to actually convert a USB to an ISO image? Sheesh. Change the title or delete this video.

  6. I don’t understand you liar or idiot?

  7. dude u dont know the difference between an image and iso?

  8. this is not an iso file

  9. It is a backup image file to make a bootable USB with Rufus. It worked, but I wonder why it creates maximum file size of the USB unlike the actual size?

  10. not an iso file …

  11. Next time have proper video title?

  12. thanks for misleading us. not an iso…..

  13. THX

  14. This is an image not an ISO. Thanks for nothing.

  15. Thank I needed that for my ethos backup.

  16. Great video thanks

  17. file size is 28gig

  18. thanks
    as it is not a .iso file we can convert it by using PowerIso

  19. great job keep doing it

  20. This is not ISO Image


  22. Virus Total finds problems (Trojan) with USB Image Tool.

  23. Thanks it's working

  24. OK, but it's not an ISO, and it takes 28gig instead of about 2 really needed

  25. Very old methad

  26. Nice but does it work

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