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How to Configure Boot Settings in Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)

Learn how to configure boot settings in Windows 10 and gain a better understanding of the bios boot options available including Legacy and UEFI.
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Welcome to Dell Tech Support. Want to know more about how the boot process of your computer works? In today’s video we’ll cover this, as well as how to customize the boot process according to your needs. When you turn on the computer, it goes through the following steps. The BIOS loads all the physical components first. Then the POST does a quick check on all of them to make sure each one is okay. And finally the BOOT loads and starts the Operating System, this of course all happens in just a few quick seconds. To customize the BOOT process, turn on your computer and press the F2 key repeatedly to access the BIOS. Go to the BOOT tab and check the options available for customization. The Secure Boot is responsible for protecting your Operating System. When this option is Enabled, your system can only be replaced or partitioned through the restoration process (DELL warranty covers ONLY the original Operating System). Legacy Option ROMs (Read Only Memory) is responsible for the default Legacy BIOS. It’s best to keep this option default as Enabled. But if you do decide to change it, back up your data beforehand as this type of change will be applied to your Operating System. The Boot List Option has 2 options: Legacy and UEFI. This is basically the firmware option you can choose to boot your device. Legacy is the oldest firmware for Operating Systems that will work with the MBR file format (Master Boot Record). UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface which speeds up the boot process but also protects the Operating System. It prevents a new system from being installed over the original factory installation and it is not possible to create other partitions in this mode. For additional information on understanding Boot Options within BIOS, check out the link provided in the video description below.


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  1. My laptop is not booting windows while connected external hard disk

  2. when i press the switch on burtton the pc starts by first showing a dell log after then it goes black yet showing the screen is on, but black with some few blinks on screen and nothing more after that no operating system booting. yet sometimes after switching on and off a lot of times its booting from defulte firmware.
    i have tried resetting it still the problem is there. i have also tried upgrading the graphic card drivers still the issue is there and i have also tried to upgrade the bios but still the trouble is still on…

    help me i dont know what to do next

    the hard drive is okay and the rams i have checked they are showing

    on the other side the pc is acceable into bios…

    i really need help on this…

  3. Was really helpful to me . Thanks 🙂

  4. He never gives the BIOS setup for windows 10, idiot

  5. My Dell e6410 not support windows 10

  6. Ill never buy another alienware piece of junk.

  7. Hello my bios is 1.1.3 and i cant seem to change the boot order from hdd to my sata ssd

  8. Sir..how to remove government logo in dell laptop on screen

  9. Please help me I have installed Windows 10 64 bit on my hdd when I turn on it gives me error hard drive not found but I press f1 it just boots up normally I hate to press f1 every time I turn on my PC help me I have optiplex 790 sff


  11. this is displaying an old cmos, my dell laptop has a newer gui cmos setup… do you have a video for that?

  12. plz help me ihave ram usable on my laptop how to log on bios to remove share ram ? plz

  13. How do I disable pxe on my Dell laptop?

  14. Hello! My Alienware aurora r6 desktop, from Dell, doesn't have a Fast Boot option within its Bios, despite being uefi. Is this normal?

  15. i want to make ssd my default boot drive when i turn on laptop it serch for boot step by step

  16. I have dell inspiron i3668 however I want to change the timings of my RAM and i can't find the option where i can change the timing. can someone help?

  17. Sir my pc is not showing legacy and secure boot option
    Sir please help me with this I want to disable secure boot

  18. i just bought a new Dell xps 15 with windows 10, and my bios (F2) looks nothing like in the video 🙁

  19. dell is not good.I bought a t5600 motherboard (110 euro) and dell did not want to give me the voltage of the pins.I spent 2 days to find the correct
    sequence and another 3 hours to find the correct pins in front panel after 3 days the pc finaly is ready.i make my hard disc win10 into the dell motherboard and no way to start it.(i am runing in Windows 7)

  20. Can you tell me an email address to show my problem with the screenshot…
    I really need the help😐

    While installing windows hard disk showing 0 mb in it….saying disk unallocated space😯

  21. I have the Dell Inspiron 11 3185 with the AMD processor and I accidentaly deleted crucial recovery drives, and when I turn it on, It goes automatically to Dell SupportAssistant, and when I put installation media in it, it says “no bootable device, please insert boot disk and press any key” can anyone help?

  22. I have dell 7559 and cloned original HDD to new m2 SSD but i can't change boot device and have to do it manually every time to boot from SSD even after formatting original one, bios keep resetting and if leave it it will go to windows repair and keep restarting . How to Change BIOS to boot from SSD

  23. I need help for one thing when I go to setting secure and update and go to recovery and restart now I can’t find use a device

  24. After doing all I can see on screen is "OS loader security is not found in secure boot data base". Now what will I do? Please help

  25. I have a Dell Optiplex 990 sff which I will use as a budget gaming pc (and also I choose sff because I don't like large cases). I want to update and also customize the logo that appears at the start. Its a personal thing, make my PC more "me". I want to know how I can do this on a "safe ground". Do I need to download any official software to manage the BIOS or that allows the user to change certain things? Or I can do this from the BIOS menu presented in the video?

  26. Thanks for setting this up just so we have to buy a new one. Fuck you.

  27. What about hp?

  28. useless

  29. What is the default boot setting my laptop when start it seen only dell logo after not boot but when I press enter button then boot so what should i do ???reply

  30. Dell is building shit, I know because I bought one and the customer support stinks.

  31. can anybody explain about hot to install Windows 10 in Lattitude 3490 with UEFI mode enabled. It's not letting me with PXE or legacy support. Plz help

  32. I recently bought a Dell 17 500 laptop, how do I change the boot up menu to old style boot menu with options for hard drive/dvd/usb boot ?
    I have 4 usb hard drives which I can no longer use to boot up so new laptop is back in its box and that is where it will stay unless I can use as I normally do.
    Whilst I am here I would like to say that the new 17 500 is not as good as my 2009 Dell 1750

  33. when I wanted to install Windows 10 through a Windows CD then It shows the drives of my Hard-drive Then I select Partition 1 then It shows 'Windows Cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style.' What can I do now??

  34. Sir can you help me. when I use legacy boot however I use first priority is usb but it can't. usb booting is not done

    I am trying to install Windows 10 on my Dell Optiplex 790 SFF (i3-2120) after installing it freezes or crashes on the windows 10 settings like region, Wi-Fi etc. I have tried everything from UEFI, Legacy, GPT, MBR, Installation through a USB or a DVD, Old Windows 10 build and I have also tried Windows 8 it does the same thing.

  36. Please please tell about system configuration standard process for boot the system correctly. I have done wrongly so start menu get loading. For dell inspirion windows 10.

  37. Boot means what ?

  38. I have a different bios. Not helping

  39. Does creating or deleting partition from bootable USB pendrive affect the warranty of laptop ? I have got the pre installed windows 10 in my dell 3567 laptop.

  40. I move My OS using Partition wizard 10 from my hdd to my inbuilt SSD 128 and i format the HDD to use it as Storage But now my laptop is not get boot through SSD .

  41. I have a Dell Inspiron 410 BIOS Version A04. I have no option in my BIOS to change UEFI/Legacy or disable Secure Boot. If I go into System Info on Windows 10 it says Secure Boot is Unsupported. I just installed installed a new graphics card and get 6 long beeps at startup, but I cannot change any secure boot or legacy/UEFI settings to get past the initial power on. What can I do?

  42. Sir, I reservation my pc and after reset when i login then it show my password is in correct .Then i changed my password .I try it show password is incorrect .Please help me out….

  43. Doesnt work

  44. Thanks a lots.. it worked on my optiplex 7010.

  45. Can someone please help me?? I don't have the boots option. And I dont know how to get it back.

  46. How to computrace deactivated

  47. When i press F2 directly send me to uefi and i need use bios how can i do it?

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