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How to Clone Windows from a Hard Disk to an M.2 SSD (and Keep It Bootable)

In this video, I show you how to copy the factory-installed Windows on a 1TB hard drive, to a 360 GB M.2 SSD on a Dell Inspiron 5570. I’ll use Macrium Reflect Free to clone all six partitions to the SSD – including the bootable Windows partition – and I’ll boot from the SSD. In a previously published video, I showed you how to disassemble the Dell Inspiron 5570 in order to install the M.2 SSD.

MAKE SURE to take every precaution before cloning, including 1) creating a rescue disk and 2) creating an image of the original 1 TB drive. I don’t want you to be stuck without Windows in case something goes wrong.

Thanks to Kubomi: “A note that may be important to viewers is that if you have an ‘active’ partition be sure after you drag the partitions that the ‘active’ and ‘primary’ tags match up across both drives otherwise you may run into booting problems, although this can also be solved by having the windows rescue disc at hand.”

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  1. This cloning process still makes your windows original? It will have problems with updates or anything like that?

  2. Can i make OS- sequence smaller so i can make room for another sequence for games ( 80gb is enough for win10 so it leaves ~160gb for games). I dont wanna have steam in C: because i have to upload all games if i install win10 again. I want to make D: for games…

  3. Does this process copy the genuine license or not? Thank you.

  4. Could I follow these steps on Macrium Reflect for a 2.5' SATA SSD, and swap this SSD with the original local C HDD? It is a laptop btw

  5. Does the rescue disk have to to be a particular size, as in proportional to the size of the original HDD?

  6. i did the same as instructed in the video, but, my laptop's not booting from the ssd. it is vaio brand. the bios settings in mine are not like that interface in the video, mine seem legacy type. dont know how to get to this interface like bios. anyway, i also changed the boot order and brought up the internal cd/dvd drive, the hard disk drive was brought down but i couldnt disable it, there is no option for disabling as for as i could see. any other fixes? (thanks in advance)

  7. when I try to select all the partitions to clone from HDD to SSD I cannot drag the C: partition to the SSD (I'm trying to clone my OS from a 1 tb HDD to a 256 SSD)

  8. When cloning the OS to the SSD is there anyway to keep some storage items on the old drive since the items on it are too large to completely fit on the SSD or do I have to uninstall my programs to be able to fit the OS?

  9. you literally sound like a robot this tutorial is so easy to follow

  10. So incredibly helpful, and your voice and instructions are so clear. Your voice should be your job.

  11. Wasnt able to boot from ssd what should i do?

  12. What if I just want windows over instead of all my files on my ssd

  13. I have hp 🙁 and the part where you say press f2 it showed up different stuff 🙁

  14. very good video

  15. How big does the USB stick need to be? And will it wipe any data I have on it to complete the process?

  16. When I try to drag the partition when cloning there is a red no symbol and it wont let me drop it into place

  17. hi i have a home pc and it has alot of important stuff on the hdd will anything be deleted from the hdd?

  18. Need your voice as my Siri

  19. Copied everything from HDD to ssd now when I go to bios I can't find either drive and doesn't boot at all

  20. What I do since I don't need two drives, I connect the SSD to USB adapter to the computer. Clone, when done open the computer and replace it. No messing with bios. I have done that on both laptop and desktop.

  21. I suppose it will work the same way with a M.2 ssd Nvme, right? And once successfully cloned I can safely delete the OS from the HDD?

  22. This is one of, if not the Best SSD Install/Clone Videos on YouTube. New Sub and Thumbs Up and Thanks!!

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