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How to change Windows 7 Boot Screen and Logon Screen

This is a full tutorial on how to change your Boot Animation and Login Screen.
The list of items:

– WinRar –
– Windows 7 Boot Updater –
– TakeOwnership –
– Windows 7 Logon Reworked –
– vNext BootScreen –


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  1. thankq also my friends use FolderChanger which can further improve the looks and feel of Windows transformation. I find it easy to use too. Just google for "FolderChanger"

  2. ,tx ,

  3. hello there! i am actully scared becuase if my laptop crash? does this harm my windows 7?

  4. Your name  is Brian ? 😀

  5. Can you help me out? Everytime i start up boot updater, it says a bunch of files aren't currently supported

  6. I upgraded my Acer Aspire One D2600 netbook from Windows 7 starter to Windows 7 Ultimate. 1200×600 maximum resolution. Might be a problem. I used some other video on youtube and changed the logon screen. To change the Boot screen I will have to connect via HDMI to my 40" tv. Hopefully this will work to change to a higher resolution for Boot screen to work.

  7. It doent work in my windows 7 starter toshiba

  8. Win7BootChanger won't open

  9. Hi,when i start my computer boot dosen't show,but computer starts normal pls help.Thank you.

  10. The authui.dll mediafire file from "Windows 7 Logon Reworked" is deleted

  11. I upgraded my netbook to home premium and hoped for the same reaction, i researched it and found out you have to have a 1024×768 resolution for the windows flag to show up. I plugged my netbook into a monitor and the flag showed up. I tried a method which i changed a registry key but it messed it up and didn't show the flag.

  12. omg where did the authui.dll file in the downloads folder come from? i didnt get it so i had to stop.

  13. where did the .dll file come from in the downloads folder?

  14. If you have a netbook then this will not work because netbooks only run Windows 7 Starter Edition. Check again to see if your netbook says Starter Edition or Ultimate

  15. I have windows 7 ultimate on my netbook, but it
    still starts the way
    starter does. When I do it on any other
    PC that runs Windows 7 Ultimate,
    it starts like how it is supposed to
    (With the four colors of the windows flag
    coming together as one. How can I fix this.
    Any help is appreciated.

  16. More youtube.com/user/blackofgui


  18. Deepak.h.Adam turn UAC to off and run it

  19. ive been reading that boot updater screws up your os file,did you find any trouble in your pc after installing it?

  20. I've been trying to use that windows 7 boot updater but for some reason i doesn't run. How can i fix this?


  22. hi

  23. very much thx a lot's, it's is work

    i us Win7 professional 32bit :))))))))))))))

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