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How to boot your vaio pc using bootable usb or disc

In this tutorial video you will learn how to boot your sony vaio pc using bootable cd or usb.
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  1. fuck man it is hard to understand your accent

  2. Thank You Man.

  3. yes ok very good …… how did you create that key to make the sony vaio work?

    Make a tutorial for the usb stick

  4. the assist button of my vaio is not working properly it works as a power button only, anyone can help me

  5. Thanks bro. It really helps a lot.

  6. شكراً 😊😊

  7. valeu

  8. Tq bro….. This vedio helped me a lot

  9. Please help me. 😥😥😥😥
    My laptop model : PCG61711W

    .when i trying to tap Assist it just booting normally , it is not showing the RESCUE MODE.

  10. when i press assist key its not show voice care

  11. Thanx ur the best

  12. Thanks very much 👍

  13. In my case it was holding the F11 after a normal start with the boot usb plugged in.

  14. Thank you !!

  15. Thank you very much for your help …..

  16. love you somuch

  17. i press the assist button but i have a different vaio care screen

  18. Now every computer has its own way of doing simple things. The manufacturers are insane!

  19. When i press or long press my assist key my laptop does nothing i think you need driver to it work but i have nothing installed on it right now… i was wondering if it could boot Mac OS X installer but couldn't make it to boot from usb.

  20. Bro my assist key is not working help pls

  21. dankje pik

  22. I did that but after de windows loading screen i get a black screen how do i fix that.
    And if i use the hdd to boot i get "Operating system not found"

  23. Hello
    I am currently stuck in a bootloop on my Sony Vaio SVE15127CNB
    I tried the following step as you suggested –
    Turn on via ASSIST
    Then I click F11
    Now it shows "Operating system not found "

  24. Hello, i have a little question… Can i install a new windows booting from a external hard drive instead of an USB? (Obviously the external hard drive is empty, it just haves the windows setup files)

  25. Thanks It's really helpful…

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