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How to Boot USB and enable CSM on Asus Bios ver 302

This is an easy step by step procedure on how to boot your bootable USB Flash Drive on Asus BIOS version 302 and later. For those who are having trouble enabling the CSM option watch the video. This tutorial works only on Bios with CSM and Legacy mode.

For UEFI Bios try this:
– make your USB bootable by using RUFUS UEFI installer and choose GPT to be recognize by your BIOS, insert your USB first before you open your laptop then go to BIOS settings, If you have secure boot option choose disable then save and restart, then go back to bios settings again, If you can see the USB then just go Boot option and choose your USB on Boot option #1.

For Huion Kamvas Pro 22 Installation and Pen Pressure Test:

For the tutorial on how to create a bootable USB can be viewed here:

For tutorial on how to upgrade M.2 SSD watch this:

For google chrome that won’t load any website watch this:

For Genius Cam Mouse Camera Fix:




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  1. Thx man !

  2. what if i dont have csm option? also i dont have add boot option?

  3. You saved me… I've spent so much time working on my PC. Spent so much money and this got me so stuck. I was so nervous about what I did wrong. Thank you so much!

  4. Eres un crack!! Muchas gracias

  5. in my asus…on tab Boot no cms like yours…..

  6. there's no csm support in my bios 303

  7. I wasn't able to start the USB or even see it in the device booteable list because i made the rufus step with MBR, bios(o uefi-csm), then i tried with the configuration GPT Fat32 and worked.

  8. What if you dont have the CMS option. Just a blank space under Fast Boot.

  9. Thank you for this! But is there a way to do the same rufus steps but instead of a usb drive ill make the bootable win7 on my external 500gb hd? Rufus seems like it cant recognize big storage drives. Can you recommend a sw that can do uefi + gpt? Im not sure if im asking this correctly.

  10. Thnks man

  11. Can someone please help me, whenever i start up the laptop it kept going to the BIOS, but when i try to boot it from the boot menu it does not show/read any hard drive. Please anybody who knows the fix, help 🙁

  12. I love you

  13. Thanks bro 🥰

  14. Thx! I didn't remember how to make boots options available… now windows is being installed on my new SSD 😋😋

  15. this is what i'm looking for.. no annoyance an straight to the point.. been working with my asus laptop and having a hard time reading the flashdrive.. now it's easier because of this.. thanks a lot

  16. I have the version with no HDD. I switched my m.2 ssd card with a samsung 970 evo. When I try to start my computer up, I'm stuck in the BIOS Utility mode, do you know a way I can solve this? Thanks

  17. Thanks.

  18. Thanks alot you really saved me from going crazy that i couldn’t find a solution…

  19. Thank you From Ecuador

  20. I have version 300 and I don't have CSM

  21. thanks , it helped a lot , Now I can Instal windoes on my PC , Thanks for your great help

  22. Have the same situation with my 303 BIOS version. I thought it will be much esier to instal windows, but my notebook dont think Notes ke that. But, i have a problem. I dont saw CSM.. Currently, have no idea how to deal with that shit.

  23. thank you sir

  24. You are my love! Worked like charm!

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