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If you have any custom orders please be sure to privately message me on Instagram or Discord. Thank you for your time 🙂

Everything in this video is for educational purposes only, anything you do using These methods are completely down to you in any shape or form. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I am in no way responsible.

I’ll never claim to be the best I’m simply just learning & trying to have fun ~ VoidMenu


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  1. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Comment #AstroStress if your the true MVP‼️ 🤩

    MY BOOTER: https://astrostress.com

  2. How do you do the Ping thing

  3. :3075
    My gamertag is Who Amir Fry my connection if your nice

  4. Is this safe?

  5. Buddy winpcap is a virus software

  6. heres a better website and free https://www.stressthem.to/login

  7. consolesniffer not showing usernames

  8. what do i do if im on ethernet with no vpn

  9. way overpriced

  10. Can u pls help me on xbox my gamertag on xbox is Goatified Pat plzz

  11. Is console sniffer free?

  12. Federal offense if you use this to "boot" someone offline.
    Who here wants to go to prison?

  13. Illegal

  14. made $6000 on my paypal from forbesfamilyweb^net

  15. Dude your awsome thx you so much

  16. Why doesn't your link work?

  17. this shit fucks your laptop up

  18. I want a very good booter thag has a lifetime plan that is under $75

  19. I just go ddos't on my Xbox what do I do ?

  20. I can’t even launch console sniffer, it’s stuck on the installer and I’m pressing run

  21. can u get a ip puller on chrome book

  22. All you have to do to pull ip is use grabify it will allow you to make a link that connects them to a fake page and you will have their ip on ur screen😁

  23. where do i get a api key

  24. While some observers defend DDOS attacks as a form of mass demonstration against an offending website, it is illegal under the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Violators are subject to prison sentences of up to 10 years and a fine of up to $500,000

  25. Does this work on xbox

  26. ip you mean ip adress or dns code??

  27. “im pretty sure i hit an ovh a home connection and 3 different websites” you sure or you pretty sure, also “booting like a pro” isnt a thing a “professional booter” is not a real thing also your stresser is so shit and you are a massive skid who gets clowned by everyone.

  28. site to expensive

  29. you hit a ovh but how strong was it 2 terabytes ????

  30. when I start pulling it disconnects the party and doesn't pull anything please help

  31. i just want your wallpaper ngl lmao

  32. Can someone help me idk what he means when he said right click then press the crypt

  33. Void can u give me a net

  34. can you still pickup ip's on ethernet?

  35. kinda stupid question but when it says seconds is that for a individual attack or is that over the entire month?

  36. What to do when we can not launch it?

  37. @voidmenu make a video on how to siqn up for your website

  38. here is the best stress of the walk if you make me a video presentation I give you a big pack in exchange the stresser deconecte 4G, WEB, https://uchiwa-hack.pro/

  39. Music?

  40. how hard does his booter hit

  41. I’m on lanc and when I click start pulling 0 ip’s pull up but I’m lagging out the party? Any thing I’m doing wrong cause I know when you lag out you should see ip’s but I dont🤦‍♂️

  42. You're such a loser

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