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How to Add Page Curl Transitions Animation Effect in PowerPoint Slide 2017

In this video, PPT tutorial- How to Add Page Curl Transitions Animation Effect in PowerPoint Slide 2017. Insert the image and make the slide and insert curl animation to the image.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the idea. My question is, how to create a reverse transition effect? For example, if i want to go back to a previous slide, the transition should be of a reverse page curl, right? How do i achieve a forward and backward transition effect in PowerPoint? Any ideas anybody?

  2. Very Nice Design

  3. why i dont have a page gurl in my transitions reply asap

  4. How could you not notice that you have "fist" page throughout the entire video?

  5. Love it. Where do I find the first page template of the open book?

  6. Which version of powerpoint do you have?

  7. Hi…can u send me this template please..I need it..

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