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Hotboxing with 4 blunts!!!


Hey everyone!

In this video we rolled up 4 blunts and burned them down in a hotbox! It was one of our more mellow hotboxes but of course Gigi was literally crying by the end of it. Lol smoke along with us!

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  1. Parkour

  2. I don't know if this is appropriate but I do believe this leads to a suffering future

  3. soy yo o no tragan el humo? lol

  4. I miss hotboxing I use to hotbox my ex GF pink tent cause when we were done and got out everything was green lol do more hotbox videos

  5. We need to smoke I smoke a lot

  6. JOYA DOESNT INHALE???????????????///

  7. Omg I love blunts haha you girls are everything

  8. If you could fuse the girls persona and voice on the right, with the looks of the one on the left, that would be one amazing woman lol

  9. no inhale smh

  10. there not even inhaling

  11. In my country we call that "doing a submarine" 😂

  12. New subbie !!

  13. 0 to 100 real quick

  14. You guys are great ,stay lifted

  15. girl on the left doesnt even inhale….bruh

  16. Holy shit aren't you teenagers

  17. She(Mac) said, "yard work?" LMFAOOOOO

  18. lol you guys are so lit xD

  19. You guys remind me of me and my bestfriend lol stay toasty

  20. i just got drunk off 3 hard alcohol drinks sweet baby

  21. You guys have entertaining convos Most people are boring af

  22. I love both of you 😘

  23. i was all into joya till i seen mac had a chest holy shit mac dat chest doe!

  24. 2 blunts each is not bad?? I'm usually high asf if I hotbox and smoke 2 blunts to myself but to y'all it's casual lmao ok 🌚

  25. I need more hot boxing vids. I just keep watching them over and over. Another fort one would be great! Or bring back those two girls again. They complement you guys well. All beautiful stoners. ❤️

  26. lcotton candy wax isa da best when the day is nice

  27. se la vi means i saw it, or i saw her/his whatever


  29. I like ur videos keep them up 😀

  30. if we uses only ten percent dont u think they will evolve to a smaller brain😂

  31. You guys should try the punch bar edibles if you haven't already. They're made from BHO shatter. And unlike some edibles these ones actually work and are strong.

  32. i love you girls!! you should post a stoner playlist or sesh playlist you guys would listen to?? im looking for some new songs to sesh with i loooove music while seshing xD

  33. I fucking swear. Every video I watch where they're smoking joints/blunts or pipes joya fake smokes. That's why she can't handle the bongs and GBs. I love her but if you're going to waste the weed give it to me lol

  34. Does joya have white stockings on or is it the light ? You girls are awesome 👏 xx

  35. you look so good when your high

  36. Cold in Cali is usually still a pretty nice day in Massachusetts lmao

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