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Hoàng Thùy Linh – Bánh Trôi Nước (Woman) MV Reaction

Bánh Trôi Nước (Woman) by Hoàng Thùy Linh IS LITERALLY THE BEST SONG I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR!!! HUGE THANKS For requesting this! SO Happy I’m discovering V-pop ~ definitely leave more requests down below!

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Today’s Reaction: Hoàng Thùy Linh – Bánh Trôi Nước (Woman)


Nhà phát minh Edison hoàn thiện bóng đèn điện nhờ tre Nhật

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  1. Âm thầm bên em ( MTP)

  2. u can listen album "Hoàng" of Hoàng Thuỳ linh 🌸

  3. Hi , I’m know you not reaction MV anymore , but I’m hope you comeback on one day in future .

  4. hay

  5. omg

  6. Reac to "Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe" and "Duyên Âm" – Hoàng Thùy Linh pls

  7. I know you are no longer reacting to MVs :(((, but I hope you can check out "Tứ Phủ". It's another masterpiece of Hoàng Thùy Linh ❤

  8. I love the way you describe

  9. Duyên âm – Hoàng Thùy Linh

  10. BIGBANG kìa 😂

  11. If you want to have her album with the rhythm like this, try to find "Hoàng" on Spotify ❤❤❤

  12. reaction " Duyên Âm" by Hoàng Thuỳ Linh

  13. Tứ phủ – hoàng thuỳ linh
    Duyên âm – hoàng thuỳ linh
    Để mị nói cho mà nghe -hoàng thuỳ linh

  14. Duyên Âm – Hoàng Thùy Linh, please!!!!

  15. She's just released an album like this track. Go check her album "Hoang" -Hoang Thuy Linh on Spotify.

  16. This song is really different. I like it. Thanks for introducing me to it.

  17. Can you reaction DUYÊN ÂM? It's fantastic

  18. bjergsen is that you :v ?

  19. Reaction
    • Tứ Phủ – Hoàng Thuỳ Linh
    • Để mị nói cho mà nghe – Hoàng Thuỳ Linh

  20. This lyrics actually a famous poem called " Banh Troi Nuoc " .

  21. Ayo Vietnamese check!

  22. This is my new song for you : Set me on fire

  23. hi. please reaction. "Em gì ơi" Jack-Kicm

  24. Hi Josh, I would recomment that you should hear the song Nhật ký của mẹ (Mom's diary) by Hiền Thục singer. It is a beautiful song about mother love, and it also have English subtitle.

  25. You know what this music is about a history from vn

  26. hey, I just came by your vid after listening to Hoang Thuy Linh's newest album "Hoang". Can you do a reaction for her album, since you're apparently interested in her work?

  27. M đã đóng góp sub tiếng Việt cho video này, mừng là khi quay lại có vẻ đã giúp thêm rất nhiều ng xem đc:)

  28. HEY GUY ! PLEASE REACTION – HỒNG NHAN – JACK – it's wonderful song … check it out pls …and it got ENGLISH SUB for you !

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