Highlights | Man City 0-1 Manchester United (Agg. 3-2) | Carabao Cup

See all the highlights from the Etihad Stadium as United are knocked out of the Carabao Cup on aggregate despite beating Manchester City thanks to Nemanja Matic’s first half strike.

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  1. I remember on fifa 2014 xbox one, i used manchester united on football club mode, and from 2 million we reached 8 million fans for manchester united, check it out on xbox one 2014 or 15 fifa

  2. Love ole

  3. YNWA.. keep strong guys

  4. cheering name at the end of the video please

  5. As they say city is the best we will win the finals against Aston Villa

  6. Woodward Woodward Woodward

  7. Mancy krg beruntung saja

  8. Man city were dominating the game but the offside caught them and silva.

  9. De gea united vs manchester city

  10. Sy mencium sepertinya ada bau" pengaturan skor dsini 💩

  11. Kan aku dah ckap.. MC ni lauk tgh hari jee untk MU…

  12. Pavard 2.0

  13. manucians

  14. De gea awesome👏👏👏

  15. In this match the small team was defeated

  16. poor sterling

  17. 😆😆😆

  18. De Gea trận này chơi quá xuất sắc ❤️❤️❤️🇻🇳

  19. Koyit, kira aku siti bonar kalah lantak setan

  20. Bandar menang banyak 😂

  21. Absolutely City plays better than United

  22. How united won hhhhh

  23. Ngaromong naon sich te kaharti….
    Pake bhs indonesia yg bener dan jelas donk komentarnya…..

  24. We win this game but we lost unfortunately
    Rashford come back soon we all missed ya

  25. Second goal is on side..scammer referee

  26. De Gea has unbelivable reflection, presence, and decision.
    And highly need to improve defense tuning!!


  28. hey u win u lose sum it's all fun

  29. De gea is back on form, Maguire getting better, Fred is becoming key in our games and now Bruno has signed for our club!!✊🤭

  30. 2:49 even though it was not a yellow card matic took it for the team otherwise those 4 city players on counter would have finished the tie!!!!

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