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Google Play Scam Apps! – Booster Apps, Battery Saver Apps, Antivirus Apps

The Play Store is full of scam apps. And surprisingly, these scam apps are often some of the most popular apps on Google Play. In this video, I’ll be explaining how many popular scam apps are fake and why developers even create these apps in the first place.

“Battery Saver” Apps Video:

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Video Summary: Battery saver apps are fake. Booster apps are fake. Antivirus apps are fake. This video will hopefully convince you of that. See, the above mentioned apps (battery savers, Android boosters, antivirus apps, anti-virus apps, anti malware apps) are modern embodiments of the Placebo effect. Battery saver apps don’t save you battery life, speed boosters (performance booster apps, speed improvers, boost apps, booster apps) don’t improve your device’s performance, and antivirus apps (anti-virus, antivirus, malware prevention) don’t make your device any safer. If you’ve been using Android battery saver apps, speed boosters, or antivirus apps on your Android device, definitely make sure you watch this video. The aforementioned apps are fakes: fake apps, Placebo effect, scams, scam apps, etc. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “Are battery saver apps or booster apps or antivirus apps real or fake or scam or legit?” If you’ve ever asked whether these apps even work to save battery life in 2017 (or even 2016), then definitely watch this video. Because there are no “best battery saver app.” You’ll never find a working battery saver apps. There is no such thing as the “best battery saver apps 2017.” #ridiculouslywordyandbadlywrittenvideosummary


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  1. You guys asked for a follow-up video to my "'Battery Saver' Apps are Fake!" video, so here ya go! Can we get to 1,000 subscribers before the 21st (two weeks from today)?

  2. Believe less of what you read or hear, but believe more of what you see🍑👀
    And even the asses aren't real anymore, but that won't stop you from wanting it🍑👀

  3. But is kaspersky mobile safe?

  4. Are app call fast ram cleaner are scam too?

  5. Ur video open eyes of friend father

  6. What cleaner apps/battery saver apps do you recommend?

  7. Thank god this is reccomended

  8. what is the real booster and real antivirus app… i was lied my entire life, i thought clean master was a real booster app. 😢

  9. I use avg avast and my phone's built In antivirus I'm safe af lol

  10. Yea i hate this type of apps big like i watch this in 2020 big like man!

  11. I got a virus for no reason and kept sending me to the app store!

  12. I had a LOT of these on my phone. Ended up the apps were malware themselves. Had to factory reset 3 times before the virus was gone. But it left my phone unable to function properly.

  13. I was playing pubg 30-60 fps
    When i downloaded an app called nox cleaner my game start turning on 20 fps 10 , i was so mad because i didn't know what happened to my phone and when i cleaned my phone i saw that app was on in "the accessibility" option in my phone
    I turned it off and the phone start working smoothly

  14. What are your thoughts on Hackuna (Anti-Hack) App?

  15. Thanks alot I had like 2 apps from each category but now I have ALL-IN-ONE TOOLBOX and nox cleaner

  16. I use cleamaster😭

  17. Clean Master scammed my Space on my android phone :/

  18. Is Nox Security apps are scam or not? Its useful to play COD but my MOBILE LEGENDS is too lag

  19. How do I get rid of it

  20. Clean master just spam on my device it opens numerous background files and asks me to clean those and after downloading clean master when i clean junk files 2 or 3 min it runs good and after 2 or 3 mins my device is again full of 1 to 3 GB junk files.what to do now?

  21. I'll erase now that apps nothing happened when I used it,my phone got slowed..Google Play must ban it..

  22. Underrated video, shame nobody watched it

  23. Play store is full of trash apps like mobile legend it just money eater

    😰..quite installing those apps!.

  24. I got one of these apps

    Yea I got a virus so I had to do a factory data reset

  25. Their very annoying ia just has you have 6 virus pop ups every 30 secs and takes you to the cleaner apps

  26. Great info! Thanks but can I ask that I have installed AVIRA Anti-Virus app, is AVIRA a scam or not?

  27. Does Malwarebytes good for anti virus?

  28. I've used almost all of these….

  29. I remember using du battery saver on my froyo device

  30. How dare you insult my Clean Master boi

  31. Hi i want to konw if vpn app is increses ping in games android

  32. So… Cleaner are fake….
    Why Avast making Cleaner app and Battery saver… Are they make money…

  33. Hi boost app games and vpn booster for high ping are fake?

  34. İ have tablet mananger i cant delete

  35. Kaspersky is a scam app?

  36. What about the app "super applock" ?

  37. Dudes take a app from other
    Modificate it
    And publish
    3 steps to do a app like these in video

  38. Pls help me and other's if your reading this ?! So i have a app called, Max Cleaner- Antvirus,Phone Cleaner,app lock

    Or you can call it max cleaner,

    Pls help me and other's understand why max cleaner isnt worth it, also its good for pincode cause it includes pin code! 😀 :)…. But the cleaning seems somthing wrong, still a good app though maybe, though i feel that it doesnt compare with my phone ak lg stylo 4 , powered by Android. Cleaner, it might be slow but atleast it cleans my phone 🙂 Pls do a review of max cleaner. If you want? Please and thankyou and like always have a good one 👍 🙂

  39. DU apps are removed now, thanks a lot Google. 😀 (I'm not hating on Google or you :p)

  40. I have Battery Doctor and I love it it tells me my battery percentage how much charging time is left how much until my phone dies also all that optimization stuff I don't really know what it does but it saves my battery

  41. I bet the Chinese made those apps.

  42. What about hand line detector?

  43. I hope the anti virus works because I have 37 viruses and I got hacked

  44. Yea ur right on god

  45. Mmm i download antivirus app… In the thumbnail vid..

  46. Your video editing is very good.

  47. Max cleaner verspreidt irritante en misleidende reclame via FB. Trap er niet in!

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