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George Hotz | Programming | Exploring checkm8: a brand new iOS bootrom exploit by axi0mX

Date of stream 28 Sep 2019.
Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC – English (Twitch Chat).
Stream title: Exploring checkm8: a brand new iOS bootrom exploit by axi0mX

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  1. Remember no jailbreaks just exploring! | Follow and subscribe https://www.twitch.tv/georgehotz for more live streams | https://github.com/geohot/ipwndfu | Programming archive🡿 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzFUMGbVxlQs5s-LNAyKgcq5SL28ZLLKC

  2. WHAT is the name of this windows terminal emulator?

  3. what the hell is that terminal, i need it o_o

  4. Always Play on Hard Mode
    -GeoHot 2019

  5. Python string concatenation can be O(n^2)?! @ 54:45 ish. Couldn’t really see, but I assume he’s doing string concat in a loop.

  6. Ios exploiting the tweets I sent now for real the real need help so SOS

  7. Not sure what are you doing. But 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂😂

  8. #blackra1n

  9. geohot returned

  10. all im saying is………………blackra1n 2….. ??? 🙂

  11. Normal People learning new concepts: "ok so today i'm going to learn how to print something on the screen using C#" *3 hours later "so you're telling me that Console is an object .writeLine() is a method that takes in a string and outputs that string into the console? Hmmm i'm still not sure so i'll read more books on it"

    GeoHot: "hmm so I gotta learn object detection, maybe I should start with an overview of a library and work my way from there" 3 hours later "so I was looking at the library and I saw it wasn't detecting everything on screen so I ended up creating a library from scratch, but then I saw that the computer was being too slow so because of the operating system reserving memory for other programs, so I ended creating an operating system from scratch for my program, but my computer's cpu was still not using it's full capacity so I ended up hacking it and realised that there is a log chip inside so I removed it and it works perfectly. Honestly it was easy to figure it all out when I read the small sheet of paper for the warranty that said "Pentium inside"

  12. so, can you run windows or linux on ios devices?

  13. script kiddie.

  14. Fuck he’s so good at coding..

  15. did you find a way to make the checkm8 work on windows 10

  16. the master geo

  17. he used to be in trouble with the law iirc

  18. why you are breaking your key board

  19. "I have a Mac… but it's in the other room… sooooo…" lol, laziness can be the cousin of invention..?

  20. Almost thought 💭 I’ll be watching a 5 hour video of you trying to load a bootrom. Almost died. Thank you for being interesting


  22. Geohotz could at least give me a shout out for getting you to look neat and tidy. Your a tech entrepreneur on a global level. (Ryan Johnstone from Kenya)

  23. Thanks hacker johnharthackers.wordpress,com for this blank ATM card. Now, I can buy what I want.

  24. 29:09 ignore this it's just a bookmark for myself

  25. Does this exploit make booting Linux on an iPhone a possibility in the future?

  26. Use aquasnap to work with two windows

  27. I’m subscribing 👌

  28. Your legend hottz 🙏💪🏿

  29. George, beginner question. @3:27 it looks like a Windows Terminal window. The window titlebar has "batman@y840" at the top and "vim | bash | watch" at the bottom. I use bash/macOS; I've never seen the yellow line numbers before. Are you writing Python in a Windows Terminal session?

  30. Fast typer

  31. 4 hours in he remembers the thing he's breaking into has been leaked before 😀

  32. ahahahahahahahahaha @5:19:21

  33. Jailbreak Untethered to Chip A5 – A12 =)) my A7

  34. if I had a robot girl friend I would tell everyone! fuck yeah

  35. Ipwndfu not working iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13.1
    Not connect DFU MOD errors
    Please help me??

  36. @8:20 = the moment you triggered my Python PTSD. nice. real nice. ∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ :p

  37. Lỗi

  38. If George Starts hacking tutorials for noobs he would get more famous then Michelle Obama 😂

  39. After I grad EE any way I can be ur apprentice mr Hotz

  40. use windows button + arrows to tile windows 🙂 don't use mouse
    if UAC is bothering you just turn it off

  41. I consider myself a hacker now… lol.

  42. Hello

    I wanted to know if this exploit could bypass the activation lock.

  43. Hello

    I wanted to know if this exploit could bypass the activation lock.

  44. Windows is unusable. you got that right.

  45. anyone know what keyboard he is using

  46. How is this unpatchable? From my limited knowledge I would assume that it’s possible for apple to discard packages with a certain payload before it executes?

  47. I used to play on the computer while my girlfriend came over to hang out, she broke up with me.

  48. You can use mac os in virtualbox too.


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