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How to draw Head heights and full body proportions for female anime and manga characters. The body torso hips chest and back area for curvy female anime or manga characters and How to keep in mind the relationship of body and limb length in common character types. Tutorial will use basic shapes and simple lines. cara menggambar – Paano Gumuhit – como desenhar – como dibujar.

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  1. The marathon of mikey videos begins

  2. For the people who draw realistic and anime pictures, are these proportions accurate/ or can be made to scale for realistic drawing as well?


  4. a long time ago when I was learning how to draw, I never learned about proportions. Now that I know about it I'm applying it to my drawings! My drawings look so much better and all my characters no longer look like children thanks to your videos.

  5. это так просто даётся, когда ты вышку по рисунку оканчивал. Вопрос к преподавателям, какого хрена это в универе не было так просто )))

  6. "I dont draw perfectly he says"
    Does a sketch that looks awesome first try…

  7. I just realized that this is hentai…soooo imma wash my eyes

  8. You are my sempai but u need a credit card for subscription in petreon whyyyy!!!

  9. FBI,open the door!🙌🐰

  10. Anyone else gonna have to watch this 20 times before remembering how to draw it

  11. Damn she THICC

  12. i hate you you ruined my picture you said mmake the chest medium and drew thenm huge and then said make the legs big but it looks so wrong why can the only good teachers be drawing cartoons you suck at teaching

  13. Sounds like complicated math in the start lol

  14. She just took a D.N.A. test
    Turns out, she's 100% so THIÇC

  15. Your drawings are so clean it's insane when I follow along everything is crooked and fuzzy.

  16. Subtítulos en Español , te lo ruego ! :'(

  17. t h i c c

  18. He's. Horny

  19. Oh boy, it's time to make some money

  20. It's a beautiful duwang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. It legitimately made me laugh when I saw how easy it was just putting all of these simple ovals and circles and straight and curved lines together and made this bootyfull masterpiece.

  22. If you’re to shy I’ll be bold and say it you’re watching this in 2020

  23. How to improve your female character draws :

    Step one : Read alot of hentai manga

    Step two : Watch this tutorial

    Step three : Draw your own hentai

    Step four : Be proud

  24. Такой офигенный канал, жаль что на английском(

  25. this video was amazing thank you so much

  26. Dat booty tho

  27. I am a successful artist now thanks to watching these body proportion videos, I do both digital and paper

  28. I came to learn how to draw manga not do mathematics

    If been searching on this for dayzz

  29. I came to learn how to draw manga not do mathematics

    If been searching on this for dayzz

  30. Only here to learn how to draw fap material

  31. If you’re trying to draw your Legal Loli then this is not the video for you

  32. i like ti how he teached us more thing in day then teacher at school has cause this could be used for then anime

  33. Oye quiero hacer a una delgada
    No a una gordibuena

  34. no amount of stabilizer can save me

  35. Conmment is go't whrt me like wee Batman niñja cat …! Girl a good thias yes

  36. ^^^ this guy

  37. Some girls I draw have short hair and people are like “ugh your so good at drawing boys.”


  38. He says manga wrong

    Burn his house and egg his tree

  39. I’m pretty sure this nigga watch hentai and is a hentai manga artis

  40. cara você é do caralhooooooooo, desenha de mais.

  41. pretty simple stuff

    Oh yeah yes yes yes

  42. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  43. these tutorials are basically 'how to draw manga' from early 2000s, just in video form.

  44. Alguien le podría poner subtítulos al vídeo por favor …. Se lo agradecería muchísimo

  45. I am actually here to learn how to draw anatomy

  46. Followed along and found this very insightful. You're the best! Now to follow along every day for a month and see if it lets me do any of this by memory

  47. when you dont have a ruler

  48. If your not here because you saw ass your not human

  49. How are you literally the only youtuber who has actual useful tutorials!?!?

  50. "How to draw THICC anime girls"

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