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Dell Boot Sequence Problem Solution


I got several Dell Dimension E521s from a office that was closing down, they didn’t come with any hard drives. So, I didn’t know if they would work or not. After a week, I got 2 used hard drives from a computer store that deal in used computer equipment and computers for about $10 for a 250 gb hdd, and $5 for a 160 gb hdd. I installed them onto both computers, and one of the computers had a problem booting. I put the operating system in the DVD drive, and it didn’t work. I proceeded to the BIOs to change the boot sequence. I put the CD/DVD-ROM drive first, and the hard drive next. However, the only drive that was numbered was the USB device.

The next thing I did was save the information I changed on the BIOs and exited the BIOs. The operating system was in the drive, and it did not work again. I never encountered anything like this before, I was perplexed. I came with another idea. I went to the BIOs and I went to the BIOs sequence menu again. Then, pressed the spacebar to number the sequence, and it worked.
Correct Boot Sequence

2. Hard Drive

Incorrect Boot Sequence

Hard Drive
1. usb boot drive

I guess, you learn something new everyday. Buying old computers for cheap and upgrading to the limit are one of my hobbies. I have some experience with this model. I was able to upgrade the Dell Dimension E-521 to a very modern system which I use at my office today. The specs are as follows.

CPU: Athlon 64 x 2 5600+ 2.9 ghzs
GPU: PNY Geforce GT 740 1 gb DDR5
RAM: 8 gbs DDR2 PC-5300 667 mhzs
Hard Drive: Western Digital 1 TB sata 3
DVD-ROM: Samsung SSH-224 sata 3
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

The system works well. I can play mp3s on it while I am at work. I can watch or listen to Youtube videos while I am using other work applications. It can handle everything I throw at it. For me it is different, I am a independent contractor, so I have to provide myself with my own equipment. I had a Intel I7 4790 at my office, and I used the modernized Dell Dimension E-521 instead. I got the computer for free, but I had to upgrade it.


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  1. I just had this issue on machines I was decommissioning at work and here is the fix I found:
    go into bios and change drive mode from AHCI to ATA.
    after that no problem booting from CD

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  6. mines says insert system disk

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  8. Still not working 🤦‍♂️

  9. Dias com o problema, até esse vídeo cair do céu!!!

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    With help of this vidio i solve my pc problem😊

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