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Create windows 7/8/8.1/10 bootable USB flash drive with RUFUS 3.1 easily_2018

This video teaches you to create windows 7/8/8.1/10 bootable USB flash drive easily.
You will also know how to check how your hard-disk is partitioned.
Also, know whether you pc or laptops boots to Legacy bios or UEFI boot mode.
With these little knowledge, u will easily get your footable flash drive ready.
Thnx. for watching this video.
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  1. Nyc bro

  2. wow! so simple and clear tutorial. Thank you.

  3. good

  4. When iso copy starting after some .9% this is showing device is in use.. what does it mean

  5. Error : iso image extraction failure. How to fix this. Please help me. Thanks a lot and regards…..


  7. very nice explaination

  8. Wow, It work

  9. Thanks a lot! im using this to install windows 7 on my old laptop

  10. then how to make bootable USB become normal USB drive.. just format?😅😅

  11. It says Access to device is denied

  12. sir ganda ng video , payakap naman sir.

  13. Does it work For SD cards?

  14. Thanks 100% working

  15. Unnecessary long video

  16. Uuk

  17. I HATE Microsoft

  18. Maybe a video on HOW to get a Windows ISO file!?!

  19. Download windows ISO file?????????????????? WTF man? Impossible!

  20. will try this tomorrow on my friends pc. hope it works. will update tomorrow.

  21. nonsense ,cant u talk

  22. hie i have tried everything here but when i put the usb in the computer i want to boot its saying there are no drivers…what should i do now PLEASE HELP

  23. #OperaGang

  24. Bro this is the tutorial I watched thank you

  25. Thanks, really helpful tutorial video.

  26. At 1:39 how did you have en_windows 8.1. First time user plz help

  27. Thank you dude

  28. It tooks me 2+ hours to complete this

  29. working

  30. But I can see the usb size? Does it matter?

  31. Can we also use this for external hdd?

  32. Thank u buddy another people on mbr or uffei are just shit

  33. >Partition Scheme
    Am I correct in using GPT for an M.2 NVMe SSD?


  35. 1 gb !! hahaha

  36. what if GPT partition scheme ? and bios mode is UEFI ?

  37. Thank you so much

  38. Too much music

  39. Best…

  40. can someone help? mine says "iso image extraction failure"

  41. thank you master

  42. very good,no idiotism.

  43. Sir i face to a problem plz help i creat a bootable pendrive but did not setup properly way may computer is 7th generation prossesor or Gigabyte GA-H110M-H Mother bord plz sir help me plz i request u plz sir

  44. Thanks for the deatailed video..but it could be better if u would have add the voice instructions instead of irrelevant background music..

  45. Good work

  46. Thanks a lot for this awesome video!!

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