5 ưu thế khi đầu tư bất động sản nghỉ dưỡng

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  1. One question, when using rufus to put the iso onto the usb, should the file system really be fat32 or ntfs.

    Im pretty sure that fat32 is for memory and stuff

  2. can we still do this today as my windows 7 is up ?

    and does the usb need formatting

  3. I was floored that Microsoft was still promoting the "Windows 7 bootable tool." Why isn't it named something more general like Windows bootable tool? Anyway great vid!

  4. Wait can i sehdhddieieieieieieeieieieieieieieieeiei

  5. You are legend MIGUEL, thank you so much

  6. Thank you u just saved me a lot of pain

  7. Thanks for this video Miguel. This saved me a lot of work today. Much appreciated my friend!

  8. i have 1503 can i directly update to 1903 . Is there any error. can i updtae?

  9. Where's the next part when you Install WIN 10 From Bootable USB KEY ?

  10. What's the best allocation unit size i should give to my usb key when I'm making a ISO File ? And Should I use Fat32 or NTFS ?

  11. Does it have to be an iso or can you do the other one

  12. Thank you verry much

  13. thank you

  14. Thank you Mr Miguel, I am trying it right now! Hope it works.

  15. When you install using the iso. the files are wiped out, right? What happends to all program, are they also wiped clean out? I mean, the files is easy to take a backup, but the installed programs, what can i do with them? Can I use a backup from C./ program to put in the new installed windows? Or do I need to have the original program and install it all over again?

  16. i have no autorun and mediameta file

  17. Thanks so much. Love your no nonsense straight to the point style. You have another subscriber!

  18. Thank you. Worked like a charm.

  19. 0XC0000001 it´s legal, nonfunctional, warning, disclaimer, no worries

  20. Hi All, Is it any one who can sugges? In during of instalation – Instalation manu do not offer to me chose windows wersion. In my case is needed Windows10 Pro.

  21. May I have a question please, why you need to use RUFUS why not to choose download to USB flash drive in previous step instead of ISO option? What is the difference?:)

  22. 👍Thankyou easy as pie (Y) done Now im ready to install winpro latter woot 👍

  23. asshole

  24. Can't I store it in SD card

  25. really usefull and straight to the point. Thank you!

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