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Create macOS High Sierra USB Installer using Windows

This short tutorial explains step by step how to create macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 Beta USB Installer using Windows. Tools used here are; 7zip v9.20, BootDisk Utility, TransMac Trial and Paragon Partition Free. Please note: For using on Hackintosh PC only!


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  2. hi
    when I boot to the USB drive, it takes me to some bios
    help me 'thanks

  3. where hfs directory for mojave dmg?

  4. Could Not write to mac volume in transmac copy folder please help me

  5. Hello brother, Can you tell me about link download partition manager?

  6. hey after i restart the with boot usb the one that appears in utility was reinstall mac os when I click continue it does not work, any idea of what is wrong or missing?

  7. Clover folder not showing

  8. where can i download those files ?

  9. same process for high sierra? for legacy boot? Using chamelleon or enoch?

  10. extract dmg nya koq susah ya om?

  11. om bantuin installnya om?

  12. what the song? say plz! hello from belarus

  13. hi, wanted to ask from where did the CLOVER folder came from in the Documents folder? I am not getting it.

  14. Great work…

  15. can you upload legacy high sierra dmg image

  16. ممكن سؤال لو سمحت

    كيف استطيع ان احصل على الكيكس الخاص بي لان الحقيقه جاي اواجه مشكلة في الاقلاع لتنصيب النسخه واواجه مشكله في بعض النسخ انصب واكمل كل شي بعدها عند الاقلاع تاتي شاشا سوداء

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