Coronavirus Impacts Tom Hanks, the NBA and Monkeys in Thailand | The Daily Show

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for the coronavirus, the NBA cancels the rest of its season, and monkeys in Thailand struggle to find food without tourists to feed them. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TomHanks #Coronavirus

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  1. Joking about a person that got infected with the corona virus? Seriously?

  2. Thailand the next virus outbreak…

  3. Why do comedians feel happy when someone is suffering… Trevor shame on you.. What if your own family member get infected.

  4. Tom Hanks got the WUHAN

  5. jocking on a person that might die

  6. Trevor, your tone was a bit off with some of the jokes. Death is a tough one to get right.

  7. VoteTool.org Blockchain Voting solves this snafu and needs a spokesman…Tom? Trevor? Awake?


  9. This could lead to Trump's undoing in November.

  10. Tom Hanks won the celebrity pool of who in Hollywood will be the first one with the new designer disease.

  11. Thabk God this pedo's ill. Maybe he'll die, let's pray for it

  12. Ya mean seriously?

  13. Tom Hanks, how perfect.

  14. The fake laughs only made this less funny

  15. This is really funny! You've got to laugh, otherwise you will just go crazy! But I can understand the mass cancellations. Viruses, like Corona, thrive on transmission and the more people to infect the better. Any effort to stem the tide of transmission is welcome. Right now, our best hope is that we can stop the virus from snowballing out of control here and overwhelming our health care system. The good news is most people who get it will get mild symptoms and only need to self quarantine at home for several days but if you have trouble breathing, you should go to a hospital.

    It's going to be dicey for God knows how long. Trump said that he expects Corona to last until at least June. But hopefully, if enough Americans follow the guidelines, we can bring it under control before then. I have heard that as it gets warmer, the virus might slow down (much like the flu) if that proves to be the case that would be good news for us since perhaps we can start living our lives again. We might still have to take some precautions (like washing our hands, etc.) until there's a vaccine available. I heard on the news that they're testing a vaccine in Seattle and they started on their first test subject today. Even if it is approved by the FDA, it won't be available for 12-18 months. But still that's a piece of good news.

    Look, no one knows how this will play out. It could just fade out eventually, like SARS, or it could be a seasonal affliction like the flu (which makes a vaccine for Corona all the more important). No one really knows, but the good news is scientists (here and abroad) are working hard on treatments and vaccines for this infection and it has shown that we need to better supply our hospitals (especially those in rural areas). It's also shown us that we need human connection. We might not be able to hug right now, but we can call friends and family members and see what we can do to help our neighbors (especially the elderly)

    But take heart, this too shall pass. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the light isn't an oncoming train!

  16. Did u know that in all confirmed cases… Its just been white people.

  17. Well, now, Idris Elba has tested positive for COVID-19

  18. This only goes to prove President Trump was right and still people fought him and still do today. He has said and worked tirelessly to get our companies back in the USA. Guess what people now China has control over the medications you need to survive maybe now people will get behind Trump instead of making fun and ridiculing him. CNN should be banned from speaking to the public

  19. I think it was cute that the nurses rolled a Wilson in to keep Hanks company 🏐😁

  20. Yes, I'll have no banana today.

  21. Coronavirus came from post office and junk mail!!

  22. i LOVE him hahahaha he can make all this craziness just seem 100x times better

  23. Corona is the virus, Covid 19 is the disease.

  24. Thank you Trevor for making me smile it's important do not give in to Despair and panic like the media wants us to

  25. And now Idris Elba just tested positive too.

  26. Remember now, like his Jewish Boss Jon Leibowtiz Stewart..they are ONLY satirists. So dont take them serious..LAUGH at them. CHeers

  27. Hanx never said he was feeling "good". He is 63 with diabetes.

  28. shoulda been more sanitary, actually don't wash your hands, makes it easier

  29. whooooooooooooo Namibia is save from corona

  30. "An asteroid was just like 'fuck that'…" glad to see jokes from the pre-youtube days coming back!

  31. Trevor the craziest s*** is happening they're closing our schools in St Louis Missouri they're closing a lot of things restaurants and stuff like that but the casinos or staying open I do not understand this move the government is tripping

  32. Covid19 is not about joke!!!
    Y'all taking this all as joke but this is serious situation……!!!

  33. Funniest man a lived😁🙄😂

  34. What race is superior again?
    Let’s see what the Coronavirus have to say about that?????? Stay tuned.

  35. Uu

  36. This is such a cool kind of journalism . Love from India 😂😆❤

  37. What is Ukraine doing that no one has it?

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