Coronavirus: Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus @BBC News – BBC

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Britain’s PM Boris Johnson is self-isolating but not stepping back from his duties for the time being. He posted this message on Twitter, saying he can continue to ‘lead the national fightback’ from home.

BBC News Special | Coronavirus Daily Update UK PM | BBC

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  1. So when all the countrys are to weak to fight i wonder if the North Koreans will take over the world?

  2. Praying you feel better quick🌴

  3. Guess he didn’t sing happy birthday while washing his hands. Karma.

  4. Attention seeking! What's new?

  5. Who's here after he's in intensive care😱😫😫😫get well soon boris

  6. He is just a number in hierarchy easily replaceable. We are waiting for the ginger man number 1 to join him. As they say "seasonal flu" will take revenge on them.

  7. Please all world ban China and its products. Jinpig…


  9. He has tested positive. I bet he is now serounded by the best doctors in the country. As for ordinary folks they tell you to stay at home. No doctor examines you. And if you get worst. You will be lucky to be taken to hospital where you might not get any help if you are old and have some chronic elness.. What a beautiful country the UK is. Especially now that it is out of the European Union. Lot of shit is coming. And we got Boris to thank him for it.

  10. HILLINGTON HOSPITAL AUX NURSE TOLD SHE CANT WEAR MASK SHE HAD TO BUY! failure in health an safety act to provide ppes to hillington hosital, endangering lives of patients/staff public enquiry – this aux nurse forced to buy her own then told she coulnt wear it and '''called into office'''' at this hospital, she resigned. 2 healthy nurses just died in their 30s with young families wake up BORIS JOHNSON and get the NHS STAFF THEIR PPES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. #China should pay for spreading virus.

  12. How u got Covid 19

  13. Bla bla

  14. It’s all a lie..don’t believe it..he never had coronavirus

  15. Borris lovely homr

  16. Happy washing hands day

  17. This guy is a class rate liar, he really doesn't have it, he is trying to appeal to the morons who will think he is a great person for having it and overcoming it. Lets be honest, review this footage and you can see he clearly doesn't have it, everyone else has been properly afflicted with this. But noooo not Boris

  18. 大切なこと言ってそうだけどなに言ってるかさっぱりわからない

  19. Natural selection. 🙂

  20. Boris: We will beat corona virus
    Also Boris: Gets Beaten by the Corona virus

  21. https://youtu.be/efcMeae7Dm4?t=9

  22. Too busy shaking hands than washing hands

  23. Life is like a box of chocolates visually inviting on the surface but lacking likable content.

  24. It’s amazing even with the Corona virus, this guy can still sling the bull shit! We’re all in this together! After listening to his peep rally, it makes you wanna go out and get the bloody thing!


    Surely this virus which has evolved in bats and perhaps other small reptiles etc have their own strategies, that is they are the complete opposite of those the government recommends.

    1) The ACe 2 site of adherence for the protein spike bundle of the virus is dependent on a nice tight junction for the merger with a host cell it would seem obvious that the livelier the cell's metabolism, the more oxygen the cell can get over the critical period of reception of the virion the better chance early recovery and full recovery!

    2) NK killer cells are first on the site will have a better chance of getting on top of the new intruder.

    Lockdown obviously has the reverse effect the syndrome COVID 19 worsens due to a prolonged sedentary lifestyle which lockdown is creating, the lungs and vascular system are deprived of Oxygen and then the patient can easily become critical where no matter what they do the virus load on the body and lungs takes its toll paving the way for secondary infections.

    The patients then enter the hospital but without means of decontaminating the hospitals, they are now in a very high-risk zone ie where virus and bacterial entities abound thus their chances of survival are now less again.

    The government's current strategy is counterproductive and possibly very harmful, it is out in the population now and will NOT go away.

  26. When he says country I think he means this Union.

  27. Good bit of B grade acting with slight droopy eyes .

  28. Hey man I am from INDIA and I am saying that English time is over, white skin now old brain, now the time for Chinese , China next global leader not America, and India was a lebour country now a lebour country in future also a lebour country

  29. Hi Boris. I’m glad I’ve seen this online and I’m so glad your doing well as lots of others how their. However Boris your going on about the NHS which is brilliant. I would like to know as I have been doing isolation and sent staff home to keep their families safe because I’m the only one that will keep my son as safe as possible as he is very high risk with ventilator and oxygen support ect. Can you please think more about people in communities on VENTILATORS & a whole lot more medical kit Boris and I’m stating that they will run out of supplies and I am trying to ask you what provisions are in place for spinal injury …. Brain Injury & a whole lot more that are in our communities who will struggle as I’m on week 5/6 ahead and two weeks in isolation before I took over my sons care and honestly it’s shocking how we can’t get supplies that are correctly packed which is ventilator tubing and they are not giving out filters which will enter the lungs as the supplies the NHS have sent here are unfit for purpose which has cost the tax payer £18.00 just for they piece of tubing Boris and this needs to stop and be adjusted before sending out cross contamination to everyone on ventilators in our communities and also they need filters for all ventilators Boris so please please look and learn from this and see what you see in intensive care units around the country we have people in our communities they also need care and support and also we need now testing kits because I’m looking after my son who is 24/7 care who CCG should be paying for and they refused but that’s another story. Anyway how long do people put their that do not have as much training as I do and they will have so many things and obstacles in life already to think about and if a care workers, key workers refuse to go into peoples homes on ventilators Boris and this will happen trust me if this carries on !!!! My son Ben has an unlicensed drug many years ago as he was laying in PICU in Southampton and they saved his life Boris I’ve not fought and battled myself to now loose my child. Please take note and listen to me. I have experience I know what I’m talking about Boris and this is going to be critical in about 5/6 weeks time if not sooner if you don’t order stock and get us kits so our workers are safe also & parents won’t worry if staff have it, which could then spread to the whole family Boris. I am begging you to listen to me now before it’s to late and we loose people who we don’t have to loose.
    Anyway blessings to you and your family Boris this is the only way I’m going to help and support these families with your help. Big hugs of positivity to one and all 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  30. I'm guessing this is part of the bigger PR exercise that the government is focusing all of it's efforts on…
    Definitely a good excuse for the top team to hide from scrutiny and TV cameras.
    The man who once hid in a fridge is now hiding 'in isolation'.

  31. Hopefully u get better

  32. Be ok❤

  33. Foolish man

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