Coronavirus around the world: March 19, 2020

What you need to know about today’s top coronavirus headlines:

Italy’s new coronavirus-related death toll has now surpassed China’s while Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus outbreak started, has seen for the first time zero new cases.

Despite a ban on large gatherings, worshippers in Burkina Faso continue to pray side by side at mosques.

Foreign visits to Japan have plunged because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia and New Zealand close the countries’ borders to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The UK is facing a shortage of medical equipment, which could lead to a higher number of COVID-19 related deaths.

The army in Thailand has been spraying disinfectant along the roads in the capital of Bangkok, which is part of a big cleaning campaign that started after Thailand recorded 60 new coronavirus cases on Thursday.

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  1. Governments are shutting down jobs all over the world but they all still get paid, all government should go Payless till this is over, 99% of then has tons of money, big house but everyone else should starve!!! Spread this message!!!

  2. too little too late

    when Beijing and Shanghai are fine but Western cities are not, that means government really dropped the ball

  3. The event is unfolding as planned.
    Note the family names you won't see effected by this

  4. Australia should have closed its borders to foreigners 25 years ago don’t need them don’t want them

  5. it seems that the french (professor Raoul) have found a very effective drug against covid 19, it is a treatment based on hydroxychloroquine at 600 mlg / day since 10 days ….. the action of the drug is very strong, …;so well done and thx to the french for this discovery ! thx to telling this to the world !

  6. NZ will be going into level 4 alert in 48 hours

  7. God is in control! Keep the FAITH❤️

  8. Ainda tem essa quantidade de gente juntas

  9. Please believe China,learn from China

  10. Global News clearly doesn't fact check their sources first. They'll believe anything that come out of the Chinese Communist Parties mouth. You really believe the CCP will tell the truth? They started all of this by trying to cover it up, silencing Dr. Li Wenliang one of the first whistleblowers. He died because of the CCP's negligence and the WHO Tedros Adhanom trying to down play this virus. Shame on you for spreading the CCP's propaganda.

  11. The UK has socialized medicine and the system is so inefficient I fear that they will suffer greatly.

  12. Hello

  13. News from around the world reported that the Sapporo Snow Festival spread coronavirus and many visitors around the world are died from virus.
    If the Japanese government made human life the top priority, Japan would have stopped international events.
    But Japan held the Tokyo marathon in early March.
    So Virus infections are increasing in Japan and abroad now.
    Will Tokyo Olympics be held sacrificing human life?
    IOC and the Japanese government should make human life the top priority.
    I think the Tokyo Olympics should be canceled.


  15. Soy el creador es es la cura

  16. Shinzo Abe is doing this to Japan. Japan will be Italy very soon.
    "In the critical early days of the outbreak, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and other top officials sought to down play the threat, creating confusion and a false sense of security that allowed the virus to spread.
    They blamed Italy’s high number of infections on aggressive testing of people without symptoms in the north, which they argued only created hysteria and tarnished the country’s image abroad."

  17. Italy's death toll is not the highest as of now. Lie-na and the CCP have been hiding numbers for weeks now with cases being stagnant as of now. There's no way Lie-na and most of the 3rd world countries can have ridiculously low figures while European figures explode overnight.

    Wake up people.

  18. We just need to do what Hillary said.
    We're all Stronger Together. It's time to unite against COVID-19.

  19. I was watching the news of one country that offered a 100% guarantee of companies whose sales fell due to the coronavirus

  20. Stupid worshipers

  21. Isn’t this sad it’s devastating

  22. Religion will not save you or your fellow humans ! Stop gathering to pray , you are endangering others. Selfish behaviour.

  23. Every debt incurred from corona virus. China pick up tab or world ban all products and college students from entry into rest of world and force them to shut down those god damn. WET MARKETS

  24. You know WHO the Freak the WHO works for. WHO the world's governments work for. Governments of the False sun . The god of this world; age. The 2 Books of the Holy Bible he hates most: GENESIS: addresses his Devices.
    REVELATION: addresses his destruction. False Sun Virus: CORONAVIRUS. NO DOUBT: satanic / manmade.
    Wake Up.

  25. Ok…china we believe u…🙄🙄🙄🙄

  26. Nobody talks about Russia, Cuba, North Korea, because they have the best medical care on planet! 😀

  27. China lies and their people

  28. Why is it necessary to mention that Japan's tourism industry is suffering? … its the entire world clearly

  29. Xi jing ping brain is full of rubbish,I don't expect you have any virtue ,don't ever think you can cover when so many people have conclusion to what you have done or things you gonna do.

  30. Makzy2Much | EP.8 COVID-19 update life in Sydney (กินร้อน ช้อนกู ถูสบู่ อยู่ห่างกัน) 🦠🦠💉💉

  31. Now the most terrible thing is that,he deliberately spreading this to other country,for unforgivable reason.Other words,murderer.

  32. He represents china isn't it.Not try to blame anyone but,not even the problems he is full of lies,at the end of January,death numbers are only hundreds,only in China,suddenly at the end of February, increase to three thousand,should have close the airport when virus start spreading to other country.

  33. Should put xi jing ping picture in here,president should responsible for the safety of their country's people.

  34. Wearing a mask does help. People stop challenging people who are wearing mask. THEY ARE NOT SICK, IT'S FOR PREVENTION. Lesser gathering and just stay at home relax for a few weeks.

  35. *****global can you ask if it's still ok for the kids to play outside while social distancing from others, will there be more online shopping being offered. Will Ontario be spraying like China on the parks ect

  36. China should be isolated from rest of the world for a year or so

  37. Number of confirmed cases is relative to the number of tests.
    Japan's restrictive (small number of) testing is the reason for the small official count (1,639)

  38. While I do agree that China is probably lying about their cases, I feel like people are just taking this opportunity to be openly racist. Don't be a dick

  39. Even after the Coronavirus Said to be over, we still have to be careful for a few months …

  40. Thanks China for this mess . Hopefully when this is over the rest of the world will boycott China.

  41. Take a zinc lozenge and chloroquine every day for 6 days and the virus disappears. That means the virus is no longer transmissible. That means the economy will turn around and we can get back to work.

  42. More people living in Italy is going to die from the coronavirus soon. Rip

  43. China is lying!

  44. COVID-19: I may not the deadliest one but I can take over The World easily, So hold My Crown 👑

  45. It is so sad that the world is under the control of evil one (devil)(1John5:19).and in 2Corin.4:4 the god (fake) of this world blinded the mind of unbelievers.but The TRUTH is GOD ALMIGHTY (FATHER,WORD,HOLY SPORIT) is the CREATOR of the World and All Things therein(Acts17:24).in Rev.11:15 says that all kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of THE LORD and HIS LAMB ,and HE shall REIGN For ever and ever.There is HOPE in GOD that is Why We should do What Israelites and Jacob did to Please GOD (Gen.35:2&1Sam.7:3) to Stop that corona virus that spread the whole world.

  46. Not a COVID its a CHEMICAL AGENT

  47. New Zealand is already closing its borders to those who are not New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

  48. I don't believe it! This is make people worries for no reason.
    Pleased be nice

  49. China will pay for it's Kung Flu Virus .

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