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[CODE] CHRISTMAS Update Coming! | Boku No Roblox

So we got NEW Christmas and Aditional content update in the works Start Playing Kritika Reboot Free Today! –
drop a like and comment down below what you think should come in this Christmas Update!
#BokuNoRoblox #BokuNoRobloxRemastered #ChristmasEvent
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Boku No Roblox: Remastered

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  1. What do yall think should be in the NEW Christmas Update and what kind of Exclusive weapon?/or Exclusive Quirk? also Start Playing Kritika Reboot Free Today! – http://bit.ly/2qpeRLM as always show the support and spam the likes on the video BokuFam We Lit!😄

  2. my roblox ayong0112

  3. hey
    connect roblox bokuno

  4. Can wait for the new my hero academia hero rising tge bakugo ofa bro i hope they add tge bakugo ofa to the game

  5. I hope for 2020 the will add blood curdle,copy,manifest and also revamp permeation

  6. I won so many time on that raid, why I don't get the sword?
    Roblox name:jrgaming1246

  7. nope they made a raid

  8. Personally I enjoy raids, it makes the game more fair

  9. Np its A TRAP

  10. Original Spelling Lol

  11. Caps lock has been activated

  12. this game is not roblox man :(… disslike…
    just why are u playing another game when this wideo shound be abaut boku no roblox… :O and what is minecraft ???

  13. they didnt listen to you

  14. december 11 was my rthday bruh .-.

  15. Dessi you said last Boku No Roblox you said you had your own code and would tell it in the next update

  16. They need a Tournament mode or like a role play mode for people who want to role play

  17. Maybe a santa staff and some power like the guy that can turn into an octopus?

  18. Very hard please change to medium for Santa and I want get weapon!!!!

  19. I guess i gotta wait till i get back to my home since im in europe this sucks

  20. the chrismas update is out and your devil fruit anime why

  21. When is the event I dont wanna wait tomorrow for it someone told me it was coming today

  22. They could have a possessed Santa to get something like the Easter staff.

  23. n1ght3ye

  24. R.I.P juice_wrld

  25. Nice video Dessi

  26. Did Dessi say that X died in 2019?

  27. there is CHRISTMAS is a code

  28. Idea: I want a story line and new quirk and probably x5 xp event or something

  29. They shoud add a weapon in weapon shop and a new mini boss like santa

  30. Rip juice wrld he a true legend

  31. Hey dessi tell the creator why he / she banned my brother (savegebonn) it's dumb he didn't hack or cheated on any way and I don't have discord cuz I'm not a discorder

  32. They should make ua more fun like
    Adding mini boss like the class 1-A

  33. What name of the game in the first video

  34. For the update maybe just drop alot of new quirks(arbor, cryokenisis, fierce wings, manifest, spiral or black whip) revamps for quirks such as(air propulsion or anti-gravity ) maybe special items found only on random spawning gifts(not one use to minimize random murder)

  35. They should have a boss that spawns every few mins or something

  36. That would be the next update fat absorption

  37. Fat Gum quirk

  38. Will u ever upload your own code?

  39. This was CLICKBAIT

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