BTS V – 'SWEET NIGHT' (Itaewon Class OST Part 12) Lyrics [Color Coded_Eng]

By – Zaty Farhani

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  1. It's soooo deeeppppp… I can't swim because of this song. 😭💗

  2. does anyone know please the name of that ringtone in the last part of the video ??

  3. 😍 #V

  4. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. love tae tae

  6. When Taehyungs edges are more on fleek than yours

  7. This song makes me very emotional when hearing it and i like it hahahaha

  8. Hello!!!! Just wanna say thank you for making this video :)) I just uploaded the song cover for this song and I must say I rewatched and rewatched this video a lot while I was making the cover because it makes it so convenient with the lyrics and audio appearing at the same time. So grateful for this, thank you!

  9. Sweet Night Everyone

  10. Pa shout out po Jungkook/x/V

  11. Primeira musica do V q eu escuto q é inteira em ingles kkk

  12. How is the BGM at the end called?

  13. his voice is so calm and deep
    i am extremely emotional now 😭😢

  14. I’m sorry but that picture god that picture reminds me of muzan from demon slayer. And then muzan reminds everyone of Michael Jackson. And I cannot contain my laugh. Also his fridgen voice is so silky and smooth.

  15. Bts have helped me through a lot and this song reminds me of my grandad he recently died and I never got to say goodbye to him he was a big part of my lifebut army I purple you all stay safe and take care of you and you're family because you never know when its going to be you're last time to see them 💕🤞💜💜💜

  16. i really love bts when they speak in english and i am so happy that i am learning korean and now i can understand korean

  17. Angel voice 😍 i love IT.

  18. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Oh my gosh….I am literally crying my eyes out.😭😭😭 This is so beautiful.

  20. everyone: oMG HE IS SINGING IN ENGLISH


    my brain: dont do it

    me: who IS THIS GIRL/BOY HE IS WRITTIN ABT678?==%#¤"#"%&

  21. me, in my quarantine room and cannot go out for 2 weeks cause of corona virus : listen to all bangtan songs with max

    nurse : oh shit when will this lil kid will be discharge from this hospital

  22. What episode does it come out on??

  23. How many english word will you add in this song
    Taehyung: Yes

  24. How many english word will you add in this song

    Taehyung: Yes

  25. Bruh winter bear and this song is so good 😍😍😍

  26. I love you Vmazing

  27. 1:09 Jungkook? I think I heard Jungkook.

  28. I love your sound Ilove you so much you are my king

  29. i love you taehyung🥺💗


  31. Imagine you’re walking around the streets passing stores that are just opening. It’s early in the morning, the sky is a light blue, no one is on the street it’s just you. The sidewalk is made of gray bricks that are wet from the previous rain fall. One car passes you every 10 minutes, this song is playing in your AirPods. A young girl/boy taps you on your shoulder they look to be in their 20’s. You take out your AirPods. The person is lost, they’re asking for help. A single tear runs down your face, the person stops talking and looks at you surprised. You decide to ignore them and turn around. You put your Airpods in right when the lyrics say,

    “How could I know, One day I’d wake up feeling more”

    And that’s what i imagine when i listen to this song… crazy a song can paint a whole picture. Ewww this was so cringy. I haven’t slept in a week. Goodbye.

  32. this song would suit soo many movies

  33. Taehyung thank you for this beautiful song and you voice! I love you talented and very emotional voice!

  34. Love it 😍❤️

  35. il est beau il me soule TTOTT

  36. whats the song name of the outro?

  37. Is this for jungkook taehyung?🧸🥕

  38. This song and Tae's voice brings me such peace

  39. V singing these types of songs💖

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