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Boot Windows 10 ISO from any Linux(Lubuntu) GRUB without DVD or USB

Install Windows 10 from a linux PC without Burning to DVD or a bootable USB Pen drive.

In my previous video,

I tell you how to boot directly from any linux ISO. But, there is NO way, GRUB can Boot directly from Windows setup ISO file. So, you have to extract the ISO to any other partition of your hard disk and then boot from there. Just remember, extract the ISO in just under the Drive root and NOT TO ANY SUB FOLDER.

Now add a new menuentry in Grub. open /boot/grub/grub.cfg ( or /etc/grub.d/40_custom after editing this file run sudo update-grub ) file in a text editor with root access and add these lines preferably at the end of the file.

menuentry ‘Windows 10’ {
set root=(hd0,5)
insmod part_msdos ### This line is not necessary ###
insmod ntfs ### This line is not necessary ###
insmod ntldr
drivemap -s (hd0) ${root} ### This line is not necessary ###
ntldr /bootmgr

You need to set the root and filesystem type according to the location where you’ve extracted the ISO image.

Save this file and restart your computer. Select “Windows 10” from Grub menu and continue installation.

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  1. Could I put the bootable file to a separate partition that is only 12 gb, and then after reboot replace the main partition that has ubuntu installed? I'm trying to switch to Ubuntu but the only other partition is 12 gb of space and I can't resize the partition that I'm mounted on.

  2. Could I get some extra help with this please?

  3. Can I switch to each operating system back and forth?

  4. I installed ubuntu a couple of days ago, and since it was really difficult for me , I wanted to go back to Windows. But when I try to install it with a USB stick , the PC boots straight back to Ubuntu. I've tried changing boot order on BIOS, but the same thing occurs. I tried deleting all the partitions but its the same problem. Tried formating them on NFTS or FAT32 mode but the problem still occurs. I tried changing the USB stick USB port and the iso file but the same thing. I changed the operating system from Win 7 to Win 10 also the same thing. Please help since it is the only Computer in my house.

  5. it doesn't work

  6. Could that work in kali?

  7. the legend says that the dislikes are from pc's service's bad english :'(

  8. here is the problem
    i have no idea what im doing
    im stuck with ubuntu it seems like
    i can't even watch videos
    because this old firefox dons't support that
    and i don't know how to download onther browser either

  9. You’re the best thank you thank you thank you so much!!!!!

  10. cant save the text file 🙁

  11. I don't know if you're still replying to comments, but it's worth a shot. After I've done this, and used Windows for a few days, how can I remove Ubuntu then? I don't have a large enough USB drive, or anything else to boot Windows from, which is why I've used this method. But won't deleting the linux partition also remove GRUB, locking me out of Windows until I boot into the installer somehow?

    This PC's BIOS is a bit different than I'm used to (used to a bit older hardware), and there are two entries for Ubuntu. One for Ubunutu, obviously, and the other says Ubuntu, but actually takes me into the dual boot menu that I'm familiar with. Another entry says `[UEFI – TOSHIBA…` blah blah, my HDD. But it doesn't actually say Windows. Does this indicate that I can boot straight into Windows and remove linux partition at my leisure, or am I just being paranoid from several recent mishaps, involving several reinstalls on several PCs?

    Last time I deleted linux partitions, coughaweekagocough, I had to use the repair utility. Is this different because it was installed different? Or can I just mount another Windows installer, and use it as a repair utility?

  12. I Dont See FileSystem Root

  13. Thanks it worked on my laptop

  14. How i configure This for a sdb1 pendrive ?

  15. Very good 👌

  16. Thanks

  17. When I select the Windows 10 entry in the grub menu it just says 'error: can't find command ntldr'. Can anyone help?

  18. Wish I understood what's going on

  19. Youre an idiot smh

  20. I'm on Linux mint and when I try to get access to the grub.cfg in terminal it says leafpad: command not found HELP

  21. whanever i try to boot from usb windows 8.1 it says OS not found btw im on the latest linux mint

  22. this method work for live usb linux to install windows on pc sryfmbe

  23. On a BIOS/MBR disk, should the W10 iso be on a logical or primary partition? I'm having trouble with both options and my computer just reboots when I select the menuentry from Grub. I'm trying to install the x64 version, will try chainloading and see what happens

  24. When I select windows 10 in the grub menu it has a weird purpulish screen and nothing happens

  25. Step 1: "Do a to b"
    Step 2: "Do b to c"
    Step 3: "Do c to d"
    Step 4: If a moose run 5mph south southwest how fast is the train passing by the seagulls if X=1234.12/0.00021
    Freaking shit guide

  26. Cheers, you're the only person with this instructions as far as I know.

    For those who are having trouble: When installing ubuntu for the sake of solely "legally" aquiring win10:

    In the ubutnu installer, create a small parition for ubuntu (8GB should be enough but 16 to play safe), and dedicate the rest to empty space (or try NTFS).

    Then, download GParted and create an NTFS (Not sure if you can use FAT/FAT32 as well if you have absolutely no other option) partition with the empty space; extract and copy the contents of the Win10 ISO (Not the ISO itself, but what's in it), to said partition.

    Keep note of the partition's number after SDA when pasting the "set root=(hd0,5)" code; just change the second value to whatever's after the NTFS SDA Number and copy the rest as usual. If it doesn't work, keep trying other numbers between 0 to the number of partitions you have.

    Now, when you reboot, you'll have Windows 10 as an option; it might have an error when launching but if it runs the bootmenu you should be okay, then just install as normal without the key and lookup some free keys on youtube.

  27. I have Ubuntu 16.04 installed with PC and want to install window 10. I can't find the same type of text with boot file text.

  28. does this works on endless os?

  29. what have i got myself into…

  30. When I chainload /bootmgr.efi, it says that cannot load image. What can I do?

    Windows 10 Pro x64

  31. I can't understand that last part, saying that you should edit. I'm trying to "delete" Linux and have only Windows, but when I get to that part where I have to paste that Windows 10 Menu Entry I get completely lost. I paste it, then you open Disks and it gets a mess. What should I edit? Should I delete the unnecessary lines? I don't get it.

  32. Great. Got Windows setup running. Thank you. Can we do the reverse i.e launch linux setup from iso within Windows(if there is no setup.e xe)

  33. Theoretically, couldn't you just mount the installer ISO, use the installer from there and just delete the Linux partition from the installer, or would there be an issue with that?

  34. hey can someone explain to me how i make the partition plz really desperate

  35. When I open the windows 10 option to install from the grub menu, the screen just flashes for some time and goes back to the grub menu 😭

  36. Am i the only one who doesent get that to do at all

  37. The annoying music is unneeded and annoying.

  38. This works on kali linux?Because it seems to same.

  39. what do you do if you can open with disk image mounter???

  40. I’m going to try this right now, I’ll post any errors I have here.

  41. make new vid this is hard to understand to me 🙁

  42. I followed all your steps, and windows worked perfectly in a new partition. But now my computer Boots into Windows instead of grub, even if the files are still there. Can anyone help me? It's like windows killed grub 🙁

  43. have error in BootBCD status:0xc0000225 when launch the windows installation (over grub2 installed in the USB)

    the "iso" is installed into the usb througnth mediacreationtool

    the USB have 3 partition, the first is the win installation, the second, with ext4 format with one ISO (unstracted) linux, and the last is the partition with the grub2 installation files

    i want make a USB with linux and win10 installation files. this method working with win7, but not with win10

    any help?


  44. some one help !!
    i did most all of the work but when i saw the partition it's not mounted to the location of the iso

  45. Thanks Man! you saved me!!

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