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Booleans and While Loops in Python

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What is Python and why is it important?
Python is an interpreted text based general purpose programming language, which is a key requisite of the 7-10 Digital Technologies Curriculum. Python is also the only professional programming language that was designed with beginners in mind, it is intuitive and easy to use

What are the student outcomes?
Students learn about core concepts of programming: branching, iteration and functions. They apply these to create four applications which perform the following:
Simulation of an intelligent conversation
User Authentication using passwords and/or secret questions
A game where user guesses a number and the program informs the user of his accuracy over time
A program that encrypts and decrypts messages using the Caesar Cypher

What is the educational approach of the course?
The course explicitly teaches the concepts such as loops or functions, performing several examples in the interactive shell. Then these concepts are employed to create a computer program these programs progress in their level of difficulty, eventually performing complex tasks like encryption Beyond the concepts and applications students will also learn the following skills:
Creating algorithms which can be represented in the form of flowcharts, which are in turn easy to translate to code.
Building programs in separate stages each of which can be tested
Getting insight and understanding from error messages

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