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BONUSbaby – If i become adult | 보너스베이비 – 어른이 된다면 [Music Bank / 2017.05.12]

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  1. 내가잘못봤나…

  2. 마루 진짜 마이비 내놔ㅠㅠㅠㅠ저렇게 라이브도 잘 하는 멤버들한테 준 컨셉이랑 노래가……이런거라는게ㅠㅠ

  3. this song is so stupid….

  4. Is this still kpop…. it feels more jpop than kpop lmao

  5. They're like korean version of akb48.

  6. Maroo really don't know how to promote their new idol…. Example jihoon in p101 and this

  7. U should improve ur singing and ur costume.

  8. They move too fast for me. It's giving me a splitting headache.

  9. cute group

  10. If I become adult…..

    You're not going to be an adult with these bibs 😂 and with this name sorry but BonusBaby 😂

  11. They're clearly just going to be exported to Japan. I mean, young girls dancing, talking about growing up and secrets and such is perfect Jpop idol industry theme.

  12. I can completely understand why some people would be extremely bothered by this, and I think the criticism is fairly justified (to an extent, of course; some people are just assholes…). What is bothering me though are the people who seemingly can't understand why they're being criticized, like "it's just a bib" is such an ignorant response to the whole matter…

  13. Oh please get rid of the bibs. I love this song but stop making them into literal babies, the group name is bad enough.

  14. the Bib makes me cringe i can't

  15. This top outfit 😂

  16. Someone's definitely exploiting them in pedophilic way.

  17. Was a bib really enough for those dislikes? XDDD Either way, I hope this goes well for them! <3

  18. Guys they're really young girls

  19. Koreans take everything to an extent these girls aren't even in high school yet. It's just a bib I could understand if the members were much older and the song was sexy along with suggesting dance moves

  20. Can we all chill. It's a bib. Stop acting as if the worlds gonna blow up.

  21. They sang it live wow a big clap for them

  22. So they are wearing bibs while singing about if they become adults. It makes no sense, the stylists needs to be fired because there is no way that they thought wearing a bib wouldn't be controversial.

  23. i love my girls but these outfits are a bit N O… i am proud they sang live too !

  24. their group name is a little uhm weird or is it just me lol

  25. they are all pretty..! wish them great success

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