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Bomb it Kart Racer, Gameplay, Bizarre Waterfall[HD]

Bomb it Kart Racer Bomb it Kart Racer

There is a big kart racing in the Bomber Country, and of course you are taking part in it. You must be the fastest and the most skilled racer to win the contest and to get the first prize. Control your kart with arrow keys, find upgrades and earn more points.



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  1. Let me see the modes and how they play…

    Bomb indicates a race: Simply finish in 1st to win.
    Timer indicates a time trial: Race alone and beat the clock to win.
    Skull indicates a survival race: Each 20 seconds, the robot currently in last is out of the race. Last one standing wins.
    Helmet indicates a boss race: Outrace the boss to win.
    Coin indicates a coin collection competition: Get to the target first to win.

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