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I didn’t like Boku no Pico but i didn’t hate it either i mean there is so much worse you can do

Don’t Watch an anime called Boku :

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  1. Whats it about

  2. That is a good point. I guess it mainly is because of that guys reaction, though I think another reason why it was so notorious is because they are I think 10 or 12? And they're having sexual intercourse. And one of them does it with an adult which in real life standards is of course not ok since they are not at the age of concent. Though you did bring up the loli porn, I'm not sure what other hentai have that in their story.

  3. Pico is 14 the older man is 22 in the first episode I don't know about the others and I'm not disturbed by the hentie but rather the fact it's children

  4. Guys idk where to watch It! Anyone know where?

  5. Go find girlfriend

  6. … I assume everyone in the comment section has already watched it?

    But nonetheless I get your points. I've been quick to shut down my screen after the car scene (first because I got trapped second because I was unaware that it would turn into a hentai and three, no matter the consensual relationship, it is basically pedophilia.)

  7. I wacht this shit…

    Im going to kill myself and burn my all pc…. bye

  8. yOoOOOOoooOoo

  9. I agree with your opinion

    What did pepole expected out of a Japanese studio ? I may watch it because in my bucket list im gonna watch em all ;_;

  10. This makes me think of dramatical murder the game version..

  11. The only thing wrong about Boku no Pico is that they’re underaged. If they were 18 year olds, y’all wouldn’t be complaining as much as you are.

  12. i think it's mainly because of the age differences and how easily they were exposed to sexual stuff. the car scene was without consent. Pico didn't even know ANYTHING about sex at that time. So I guess what Mokkun (i think) did to him kind of played around with his mind. but the rest are consented of course. again, i think the big problem here is the idea of children fucking one another and having a romantic relationship. you don't see that everyday and almost never

  13. Well, I'll grant you some lee way in the sense that it is a fantasy world. But just because something is TECHNICALLY good doesn't mean it gets a pass for being child porn imo.

  14. rape rape rape 💀💀💀 i think i seen that

  15. To bad the word "boku no" is now associated with that bad anime

  16. even some 90s hentai was way worse than boku no pico. although most hentai isn't that bad.

  17. You’re right. It’s not the worst thing ever.
    It’s certainly up there.
    But, at least its not Kuroinu.
    Nothing is as bad is Kuroinu.

  18. Bro y am I getting the vibe that this dude watches this shit in his space Time.

    Like for real y are u trying to justify pedo shit?

  19. 🤮

  20. I mean, yeah you have a point. Euphoria is pretty fucked but Mai-chan takes the blender

  21. name change?

  22. yes it's is

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