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This goes for all HTC smartphones. Basically your phone will not turn on. Before you take your phone apart or bring it to a repair shop try these key combinations. These possible solutions have saved me many many times on alot of my phones.
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  1. I found my old HTC in a drawer and gave it a try. It LIVES! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I replaced the phone a long time ago, but I love its camera. It takes great pictures. Thanks again!


  3. u beauty , it worked for me…thanks

  4. It worked for me!

  5. this just saved my life. it works :))))

  6. Omg,thank you so much.It works!!!

  7. It doesnt really work but thanks anyways

  8. Thanks this helped out but when my phone turns on and I leave it idle and when it turns off I have to do it again but thanks.

  9. It is working on HTC Desire 610

  10. you are amazing..it worked..so grateful to you..

  11. Hii I'm from India

  12. you made my day happy thank:)

  13. Thank you it really does work:-):-):-)

  14. worked, thanks bradr

  15. Windows or Android?

  16. Hi everyone need a bit of help my HTC One Mini when I go into recovery where is says fast boot and volume up and down reboot bootloader power down and recovery when I click recovery just goes back to the logo screen won't go into the recovery mode also when I factory reset also when I factory reset does the same does anyone know it'd be great thanks

  17. thanks alot, my phone just started working again
    Am able to save the money I would have spent at the mechanic's place

  18. Thanks man it worked your da best!

  19. So …. where the fuck i can get a wall adapter in romania?

  20. Thank you!!!!!!😊

  21. My phone vibrate buy won't turn on

  22. Did all of them on a HTC S S510E and didnt work. OOF!

  23. omg you are a life saver. stuck in my car htc went dead on full charge,, i remembered seeing this video, pressed all three and was about to cry, cause of family emergency, and it came on, THANK YOU SO MUCH XXXX

  24. Nothing helped at multiple attempts 🙁 Phone was not used and kept in the box for 2 months without use. Worked fine before that. Charged it during the night. Followed the steps several times and nothing helped.

  25. did not work

  26. Wow almost got rid of the phone lol and boom tried the second step and it was up and running

  27. Still won't work and I feel like I've tried everything

  28. thanks bruh…saved my phone i only know the combination of power + middle volume

  29. Not my field of expertise, but thanks for helping my neighborhood kid, did exactly what you’d described. It was the second option for 2200. Thanks a mill, friend. He was gonna throw it in the garbage can!👍🏻

  30. WOW thanks so much. my phone has been off since yesterday and have tried all my best to power it but no positive result. So after watching and following the instructions of this video my HTC Powered back. Thanks once more

  31. Thanks, You really helps me!

  32. thank you so much. I was about to hit this htc on the wall

  33. none of these work it just keeps rebooting and thats making me mad htc 10

  34. Very helpful, thanks a lot it worked on mine

  35. It works buddy..thanks!

  36. I tried the first step and it worked perfectly!!!!!!! 15 seconds straight up the bomb!!!!

  37. If not working power button how to on tha phone

  38. Thank you!!!!

  39. It worked you at awesome

  40. It worked THANK U

  41. thanks the first one worked

  42. THANK YOU SO MUCH- just went to a cricket place a block from my house she said I need a tech my battery he will not be in until Wednesday today is sunday,, Or you can buy a new phone smh this took less then 2 min The one that worked for my HTC was volume up & power

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