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"Alien" Glass Bong Experience | unboxing & smoking review | use 🎧

Glass Bong Smoking Unboxing Review
Crazy REANICE Alien Bong Experience
420 Weed Cannabis Marijuana Bong

For the best video and audio experience,
i can “highly” recommend to use headphones !


– Model: REANICE Meniscus—WY A
– High Quality Borosilicate Glass
– Height: 30cm / 12″ inches
– Thickness: 5mm
– Color: Clear with a shimmery colorful glow
– Bowl Joint 14mm / Neck Joint 14mm

Good solid piece, nice to handle thanks to it’s
unique shape. This Bong has a nice weight
to it and don’t really makes much noise
while smoking it, which i do appreciate.

#GlassBong #weed #Cannabis
Men’s Accessories – Accessories For Men

Glass Pipe GANDALF STYLE 420


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  1. Glass Pipe – Gandalf Style 420

  2. I live how the video is 4 min and 20 sec

  3. 2:00

  4. Is the video 4 mins and 20 sec on purpose?

  5. Damn that wish bong hits hard af

  6. is that music building up to you getting busted by the cops? why so intense

  7. Any links to get it?

  8. Have you washed this piece yet? I love the look of it, but I've gotten bong with designs that just rub or wash away with alcohol.

  9. Damn I wish I could rip my bong right now. My lung out of commission for awhile so Im just watchin vids of folks smoke.😂

  10. When u realize the video end time is "4:20" 🤣

  11. This piece is on Amazon for 30$.
    its Chinese glass, nothing wrong with Chinese made glass.
    Just more thin

  12. Does it come with the bowl

  13. Yeah so look, I'm definitely not using headphones for a fucking bong review but cheers anyway ♥️

  14. THE most epic bong unboxing ever

  15. Does it produce smoothe hits? Or are they kinda harsh?

  16. This bong hitting so smooth all you taste is terps, Incase you wondering where I copped mine 🔥 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F392563988911

  17. Great Video!! Would you be interested in doing an unboxing video for our brand of glassware. You can check us out at www.rebelinitiate.com

  18. This made me cringe when you torched the whole bowl

  19. im using that bong rn

  20. Dosent look half bad looks like it hits well but it kinda looks like china glass but even if it is some of it ain’t bad

  21. Gekauft

  22. Was für ein geiles Gerät!

  23. Geiler Schornstein mein lieber, aber ein Horror zum reinigen!😓

  24. Sauber, das macht einen guten Eindruck.

  25. #Abonniert

  26. Will ich haben 😍

  27. Sicher richtig richtig gut 👌🏼

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