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ACER ASPIRE ES 15 How to Boot from USB & Access BIOS & Install Windows 10

Disable secure boot by changing boot menu from UEFI to Legacy and enable F12 Boot Menu function key.


Thank you for watching and hopefully it was useful to you in someway. I produce this video and all other videos in my spare free time and enjoy producing these videos of interest. My passions are security research, repairs, troubleshooting, trending technologies, discovering new ways of doing things, travel and personal development, plus more! I run a small computer services business based out of Gladesville, NSW, Australia. Most of time you can get more information about my videos, projects and order some of the products listed here from my website, www.SureCanDo.com.au or social media links below.


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  1. thanks maaaaan

  2. OMG some useful tutorial through all that thrash on YouTube

  3. its not bios update, its windows install

  4. I can't switch to legacy mode it says restart required and I restart and it doesn't work

  5. Thank you wideo is supppeerrr :))

  6. الاشتراك في القناة فضلاً وليس أمراً

  7. thank you!!!!!

  8. Thank you

  9. It still load up my windows 8.1 os even if i selected my usb bootable driven in f12…

  10. Thanks

  11. Bc slow kar chutiya

  12. what if theres no boot mode?

  13. I want to run OS W10 PRO Using USB CD. Which option do I choose?

  14. Thank you so much ❤️💕💕

  15. That worked perfectly Thanks

  16. what's the TITLE of the song????Oh,thanks for the easy vid!

  17. thanks bro.from somalia

  18. How to open cd in Acer aspire es-15 model ( es1-572-57q4)

  19. Thanks thanks
    Thanks a lot 2 u

  20. You can press F10 to save changes quickly

  21. Nice

  22. i can't found boot menu

  23. Thanks man. Simple and to the point.

  24. Obrigado me ajudou muito.

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