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5.4: Boolean Variables – Processing Tutorial

This video covers having a variable of type boolean as it relates to conditional statements.

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  2. Was this video directed by Christopher Nolan??? Took a while to gather..😂 Thanks though 👌👍

  3. my left ear enjoyed it very much

  4. I' m italian and i don't know english very wellllllll …. I'm going to prepear a project with processing for an universitary exam and you are helping me sooo much. I understand everything you say. Thanks

  5. Your enthusiasm rocks! I will now follow you and see what you have to offer. I want to learn programming so, so bad!

  6. My blood pressure spiked when he wrote going=!going… It's just not intuitive.

  7. great attitude!

  8. This is a perfect example to understand for beginners.So,Thank you so much for this video.
    And your going is true.

  9. I am new to programming but, I like the way how you explain thanks!

  10. this course is really effective, much better than read books

  11. audio only coming through left side

  12. My going is TRUE. lmao

  13. yaaaayy i ded it

  14. i thought my right ear is gone

  15. after watching the video going sounds like such a weird word

  16. all outdated now

  17. Sound in mono pls :/

  18. My Englsih is not to good but i can understand him,, He has vocation to teach, i found a youtuber teacher like him in Spanish, this is really fun, these people are shearing their knowledge without speacting anything and they really make you want to learn something that maybe it's hard "for you or me" to understand! Thanks THE CODING TRAIN! THANKS!

  19. Good teacher.

  20. boolean going = false;

    void setup() {
    size(400, 300);

    void draw () {

    ellipse(x, 150, 24, 24);
    if (going) {
    x = x + 2;

    void mousePressed() {

    Why do I get the error "x cannot be resolved to a variable"?

  21. Awesome…totally awesome!

  22. subed! great teacher! XD

  23. going = !going , Nice idea. Thanks 😀

  24. thank you sir

  25. the enthusiasm, i appreciate such tutory

  26. we can also use modulo 2

  27. my mind was absolutely BLOWN when you wrote " going = !going "
    …just in one line of code…

  28. The audio on this video is panned to the left.
    Send me an email. I’ll fix it for you.

  29. I feel like I'm GOING to vomit from overthinking.
    Took a while to understand.

  30. I first gave it a thumbs down because I got so nervous from this guys behavior. I still am trying to become relaxed again and I am not gonna watch other videos from this person as it gets to my nerves too much. It feels like he is going on adrenaline or maybe some external drugs. That said, the explanation and info were very clear and helpful to me. So in the end I changed it to thumbs up. But to prevent exhaustion on my side, I still not gonna watch any other video by this person. Luckily YouTube is filled with good explaining videos 🙂

  31. 00:31 yeah cuz it's too high up on the wall. doy

  32. going = !going;

  33. cool

  34. wow this is so helpful!! thank you!!!

  35. Daniel, I love your tutorials (super helpful and engaging). But I also love your tshirts!

  36. my going is true XD

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