2018 iPad Pro VS 2020 iPad Pro!

AppleInsider compares the previous 3rd generation iPad Pro against the brand new 2020 iPad Pro including specs, design, and what you should know!

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  1. Tell me, where did you get the iPad Pro from? Did he come out the day before yestarday?

  2. Thought you actually HAD the new iPad. But no. Scam.

  3. if the previous one decreases the price, choosing it is a better way, but if the same price, or the discount is not big, choosing the new edition is the best choice

  4. Why can’t you wait for just 5 days until it actually arrives and then make your videos???

  5. Good video by the way you're the only person who's done a review and actually mentioned the memory
    good one👍

  6. I think I will stick with my iPad 12.9 inch 2nd generation even though it has got a load of light bleed on it which thay say is a feature. Yes it is a feature. a feature of bad workmanship .reading up on it is a common problem with the iPad 12.9 2nd generation. And it seems funny as soon as a guarantee is up something goes wrong with it

  7. I just got my iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 today and it’s the best thing ever. I guess because I use to have the 1st gen IPad Air

  8. I’m just happy i can get the old iPad Pro for less !

  9. i ordered mine. I hope i like it because they are expensive

  10. Why is he holding a fake one and pretending if it is real … stupid video … big dislike

  11. I’d bet the new iPad Pro still has a flexible bendable frame mine bent a little. Cheap shit.

  12. I love Apple Insider

  13. Why u make video when u don’t have it and fake it in thumnail ? What is point ? U that desperate for view count ?


  15. My dream is to have an ipad but i don't have money to buy it

  16. I read something about iOS devices running MacOS. Was that not true?

  17. Just wait for the ipad to be on your hands man

  18. Just gonna buy the Magic keyboard and call it a day

  19. Liar

  20. Watching this on my 2018 11 inch iPad Pro lol.

  21. I want the new one because I created a presentation on coronavirus cures and I found some that can be combined into a super drug. I am hoping to make some money off of it.

  22. I love my 2018 iPad Pro. I won't be upgrading at this time. But I'm glad the new keyboard will work on both iPad models!

  23. Forgot 4 Speakers

  24. Great review,I appreciate the honesty and thoroughness. would have been great if you had thrown in the price difference but people can easily look that up. Thank you again

  25. Well, I definitely don't need to replace my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch with the 2020 version, but that keyboard has got me thinking of spring a full $350!!!!! Ouch! Who does that? Only Apple could pull this off.

  26. I wont be buying as I bought a pro 12.9 2018 to utilize its power with creative cloud which never came. So more power doesnt interest me if apps arent utilizing it

  27. Thought you had the real one. Misleading

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