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[019] IT9919 Hacking – part 4 – Diving into the boot-ROM

In this series I will be hacking around with the IT9919 media processor that powers the Lenkeng LKV373 HDMI Extender Device and the EZCAP 283S which were reviewed in previous videos.

In this video I investigate the booting mechanism to try and uncover the mystery of the SMAZ compressions scheme and checksum.

Show Notes:

Twitter: @OpenTechLabChan
Mastadon: @opentechlab@mstdn.io

Bitcoin: 18CU9LxwRuiLHy9HsuMj2vzobbW4J3QVC2


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  1. Could it be RLE (Run Length Encoding)

  2. Any progress with this?i love this device it would be great to have custom firmwares 🙂 thanks for your efforts 🙂

  3. Amazing work!

  4. Quality Video

  5. I've been tinkering with some STM32 binaries lately, radare2 has a global graph with the command 'agC' just like yours! it can export dot and gml. Gephi has some nice graph layouts for visualizing more complex connected graphs!

  6. With you, Alistair and velociraptor on it's case, I think that smaz's cloak and dagger days are now finite.
    This series has hit the nail square on the head Joel! Thankyou for this totally inspiring and motivating series mate….you are a legend 🙂

  7. We have a 3d printer that we want to promote, are you interested?

  8. what is the IT9919? I've googled it but no info really. at least nothing that I can understand. Its some sort of chip?

  9. In several videos, you've referred to your Rigol Ds1054z as a "200 MHz oscilloscope". Why is that? I know that one can "hack" them to increase their capabilities, but AFAIK that only increases the bandwidth to 100 mhz, no?

  10. So you found out how to pass the checksum with the all ones trick(minute 20) but you havent actually tryed it? You just tryed to understand how the checksum is made. did i understand that correctly?

  11. Just saw the ADC/DAC video from 2018 and you mentioned being in CO but having to move. Where are you presently?

  12. Smart ass. I love it. Keep it up. I wish have a time to do such a project.

  13. I found a thread about SMAZ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33331552/how-smaz-compression-library-works

  14. I love rabbit hole digging like this. Do you know of any other channels that do similar videos?
    I've spent quite a long time REing the instruction set of an old DSP and I wanted to publish something like this – a multi-part series explaining my steps and progress. The motivation has so far evaded me, but seeing similar videos gives me hope.

  15. Email them http://www.ite.com.tw/en or ask here http://eda365.com/thread-144064-1-1.html ?

  16. Amazing. This may become like the rtl-SDR chip.

  17. great work man, your videos are like my own personal soap opera. I cant wait for the next one to learn more. could you do tutorial on hardware hacking and use something generic(cheap) like a router so we can all follow along. Thanks

  18. Great work on this! Well explained. With all the tooling you've written, I'm surprised you haven't written a processor module for IDA or a lifter for Binary Ninja.

  19. Just watched through the series and Wow! You gained a new subscriber!! Absolutely fascinating process. I'm more of a hardware design guy but dabble in software, mostly unsuccessfully. The tools used in these videos make absolute sense but I would have no idea on where to even start with them. Congratulations on your progress and I am eagerly waiting for the next installment. Any introductory information on where to get started would be greatly appreciated (baby steps, possibly a completely known processor architecture application disassembled and analyzed from HEX to logical functions would be an amazing resource)

  20. Suddenly stumbled upon this channel and it's an amazing reverse-engineering project! It's especially interesting to follow the github issue with all the collaboration happening leading to great results.

    Subscribed and pretty sure the next episode will connect all remaining dots.

  21. You should get it to run Pong and Doom.

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