🔴 War Robots – Giant Shotgun Setup BEHEMOTH THUNDER MK2 Max | WR Live Stream Gameplay

War Robots Live Stream Gameplay of a GIANT shotgun setup, the Behemoth with improved Thunders at MK2 max levels | WR

Music provided by Monstercat

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War Robots is developed by Pixonic
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bố ơi mình đi đâu thế mùa 3-Dự đoán 4 cặp bố con nổi tiếng tham gia bố ơi mình đi đâu thế mùa 3

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  1. Who else was surprised at how the Thunders did?

  2. You could have used a Fenrir ember and igniter

  3. 42:08 I just love how the 4 thunders deleted like 70% of his health XD

  4. is this your own account???

  5. why not glory

  6. Now that's a lotta damage

  7. 58:30 to 1:00:48. Nice Kid sequence!!!!! Good video, makes me want to use the thunder again…at least try it.

  8. I'm surprised you have not run the Ao Jun with the new pilot and a shield breaker module. IMO, it's extremely efficient as it gives you lots of opportunities on stealth and shield bots. I use it with Vipers and I just love it…

  9. Life stream capture moment right before 10 mins lol

  10. I am

  11. 12:18, glacier would have!!

  12. You said my name in 12:17


  14. Would Ao Jun be better with ember or avenger?

  15. Glant shot gon

  16. In only six months, you too can have one of these bots with lvl1 weapons. 🤔 I hate to like this game.. fun game but progression is ridiculous.

  17. To whomever doesn't have a Titan yet … I strongly recommend Arthur

  18. Worst things about the merge seem to be lag (though I am not really experiencing it) and difficulty in creating squads. We keep getting the "Unable to join. Squad has been disbanded." message. Takes 2 or 3 times to invite.

  19. Adrian, can you do a video on Amazon account problems since ios/android merger, please! The game is not running rite since merger. Laggy, glitchy, target issues, dropped games. Seems like all Amazon and lots android players having issues. Champion league players on Amazon have become target practice for ios. Everyone in my clan same problems. Please look into this! THANK YOU

  20. Do you use an emulator to run War Robots on Pc? if yes which one?

  21. I dont have any power cell and u have 43k plz give me some 😇😇😇

  22. Adrian live stream.
    Please dont take random mode in live stream,why?
    Many clan trying in your live stream catch you in battle against vox vs clans 🙂 full squads vs full squad.
    When you went to in game let as know what mode and when:)
    We always trying you catch.
    Best battles from WR University clan
    Thanks 🙏 🙂

  23. Can you please tell me that how you giveaway items to other players. Can you please tell me the procedure?

  24. Hi Guys maybe someone can help I have playing for 2 years and I can’t play on my champion league account any more my bots stop moving during battles it’s on my amazon kindle fire HD8 I check internet and I have enough memory I thought it was the kindle so I bought another newest one still issue. I texted Pixonic and they can’t help. I am a good player but can’t compete any more since my bots can’t move. Any advise would be greatly appreciated my gamer tag is Iceman Elite. I have 2 accounts in IOS and they work fine Pixonic will not transfer my bots or rewards so don’t know what to do. Thx Iceman 😎

  25. Plish do a video with the Falcon with 3 avengers sooting down Titans prefer (Ao Ming)

  26. Adrian, which would be better for putting on a Falcon (Not T-Falcon): Glory or Thunder?
    And also what is a good way to play the Spectre effeciently?

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