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【海外の反応】My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 9 僕のヒーローアカデミア 4期 9話 Reaction Mashup

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僕のヒーローアカデミア 4期 9話 reaction
僕のヒーローアカデミア 72話
My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 9 reaction
My Hero Academia Episode 72
Boku no Hero Academia


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  1. finally the best flashback is revealed, the boy that could not run.

  2. I want the uncensored version

  3. Y it b blurry

  4. Why the fucking hell is everything blocked

  5. モザイクかかりすぎて銀魂にしか見えない

  6. ギャップやばかった。。

  7. It’s hurting my eyes those dam pixels

  8. That was awesome.

  9. Did that dude really say he got uchiha vibes from kirishima? Lmao


  11. これは本当に号泣した

  12. The way the video is blurred like that makes it look like you guys are watching Hentai

  13. This white dude need to shut up he is like a manga reader try tell everyone he read it already try to make it in his own smh

  14. 早くえりちゃんとの共闘見たいなー

  15. 泣きそうになるのめっちゃ分かるよ… 漫画でもめっちゃ泣いたし

  16. レッドライオットの盾としての覚悟、しかと見届けた!

  17. Kiribb T^T is one of the best heroes

  18. Hentai?

  19. そっか、殴られれば痩せるんか・・・ よし。

  20. That tall guy is gigantimakia yeh? Lol kirishima and ashida vs him later on? XDXD

  21. Fat Gum: Doctors hate him! Learn how he went and undergo his amazing transformation into S l i m m G u m m in a matter of seconds!

  22. “I’m looking for the Pro Hero Springer Agency.”

    All For One: “Spring-Like Limbs x4.”

    Oof…… Welp…….

  23. 『敗因は一つや。甘く見とった!俺もお前らも、レッドライオットっちゅうヒーローの"漢気"を~!!』

  24. ファットガムの痩せたときのギャップいいよな

  25. なんかもう一言で言えば切島推し発狂不可避の神回。

  26. この回全体的に作画よすぎ

  27. Watching an epic 8 bit anime.

  28. Nice

  29. Badang's Ulti from ML vs Aldous 1st skill

  30. ラッパ君すこ

  31. 今期は戦闘がめっちゃ多いのでボンズの人たちが心配です

  32. Fatass become a Badass

  33. これ以上視聴者を惚れさせてどうするつもりや切島ぁぁぁぁあ…😭😭😭 あと、4期で登場する敵キャラはなんというか…全く憎めないです、、みんな根はいい奴そうだ。🤔

  34. Best episode so far imo.

  35. yeh〜

  36. The flash back was too long and interrupted the flow of the fight but that ending made up for it.

  37. Interesting; another hero who uses fat in their quirk. I guess it's not just Momo.

  38. i'm only here for the two on middle line

  39. My review on episode 9 https://youtu.be/r6SKcNsZXH0

  40. 3:33

  41. Not from me but fatgum turned to FatYUM!

  42. 日本のアニメにどんどんはまっていくなぁ。

  43. Am I the only one who cried a little? Gave me Rock Lee vs Gaara vibes.

  44. めちゃくちゃ熱かったよな

  45. ラッパ君もっと声低いと思ってたけど、戦闘狂って感じは出てて好きや

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