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【海外の反応】My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 16 僕のヒーローアカデミア 4期 16話 Reaction Mashup

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僕のヒーローアカデミア 4期 16話 reaction
僕のヒーローアカデミア 79話
My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 16 reaction
My Hero Academia Episode 79
Boku no Hero Academia


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  2. 21:48 one of them thinks that there's one kid that can summoned, what look like chain chomps from the Super Mario Bros franchise lol

  3. Id Invaded reaction mashup, please!!!

  4. Manga readers : can't contain excitement of this being animated

    Anime watchers : yo this filler or smth?
    Looks like a filler
    Is this arc even important?
    fkn kids

    Ps : actually I agree with the last one

  5. When Todoroki rejected the idea of hurting the kids, I wished they kept the tiny moment from the manga where it flashbacked and showed when Bakugou heard Todoroki’s backstory, bc it explains WHY he would listen to him then 😭

  6. 「お里が知れますよね」

  7. Cheese

  8. 3:25「Shotoooo!!」は確実に小笑いがとれますねwみんな笑ってる(この人また言ってるわって表情がいいなあ^^)

  9. Great as always!

  10. Oh my god im so ready for the next chapter to get here! Specially for that last scene…

  11. 次回はイケメンましましにした轟が見れる

  12. you can see that in the outro this one picture is burned away

  13. 14:02 ここのシーンめっちゃ好きw

  14. Having a dad like Endeavor that just boldly busts a NUT shouting their kids name out in the open would be tough on anyone….

  15. Gang Orca: What’s the quickest way to a kids heart?

    Todoroki: By talking to them?

    Camie: With our Quirks?

    Inasa: WITH PASSION!!

    Bakugou: Beating up their leader!!!

    Anakin: With a lightsaber…..

  16. ケミィかわいいよなー

  17. 「俺はゴチンコじゃねぇ」(梶くんヴォイス)



  18. I can feel some of the pain these characters felt because I'm bad at dealing with kids too. Like i don't know what to say to them.

  19. I will say do not take these arcs lightly the character development and the lessons is greater than the Overhaul Arc.

  20. Yeay nice thanks for doing this.

    Prof Mic best guy

  21. Can't believe they cut out Bakugou's flashback to Todoroki telling Deku about Endeavor's abuse >:o
    Its pretty important to his character developement.

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